Live Town Hall: Who will Australia vote for?

Live Town Hall: ‘Who will Australia vote for?’ with Liberal Democrats (LDP) senate candidates Krystle Mitchell and Caroline White.

I’ll be grilling them on how Aussies should be approaching the looming federal election, why they are running themselves, and what to expect from an ascendant LDP.

But primarily I’ll be putting YOUR live questions to them.

This live Town Hall is completely free to watch, and will be recorded and available free after the event. However to participate (ask questions) you must either be a paid Locals supporter or choose a one time support of USD$3 for this Town Hall.


Town Hall Link for 7pm on Tue 7th Dec 2021:

Note: to watch for free, simply create a free Locals account (click the red SIGNUP button) and join our Locals community as a free member.

Written by Discernable


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  1. Elections are rigged. The only way to ensure it's fair is to log it all on the blockchain so it's live and transparent for all to see. We have the tech so there's no reason not to.

  2. If only not voting for any of them meant they couldn't stay in power regardless. As with all things with their kind, silence is compliance. If you don't know your rights then you have none! You also don't vote demons out. You cast them out!

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