LIVE: Vaush Tells Insane Lies About Syria During Kyle Kulinski Segment

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LIVE: Vaush Tells Insane Lies About Syria During Kyle Kulinski Segment

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  1. Dylan: "Assad is killing civilians which is why we need to bomb civilians, put sanctions on them and hire Jihadis outside Syria to come in and kill civilians."
    Notice how these "leftists" always pretend that when they support corporations and interventionism the corporations and US government somehow have "pure agenda".
    Even if you believe Assad should be ousted that doesn't mean you should support US government doing it because US government doesn't actually give a shit about Syrian civilians infact US government doesn't give a shit about their own civilians.

  2. Vaush dont know that the US has told us they own 1/3 of Syria .. the part with Oil and the rust the US has bomb to kingdom come, when i saw this I STOP my Sub to Vaush … he's take on this and on Jimmy … he is forcing he's view on he's subs without any prove … the Ana thing he left out the blackmail …. he show a other video on Jimmy that just make Jimmy look like a crazy person, for defending him self ..from blackmail

  3. Thank the old gods (I like to say that because I’m pre-programmed to say thank god, but I’m not religious) for you, Jackson, an alternative person with an actual brain to someone who is so smug and elitist and just plain fucking wrong like Vaush. I can’t freaking stand that guy and I hate that guys like him and Hasan Piker have these huge followings on Twitch and stream over there. Breaking gamer brains as their entry level in to politics.

  4. KK and Vaush are both second-raters just playing tactical games in hope of becoming progressive mainstays … they don't really respect the spoken word … don't let them in!

  5. Vaush is such a lazy "intellectual" that because Max Blumenthal's wife used to be an anchor on RT over a decade ago, therefore, must mean he takes money from Russia.

  6. I think the world is "indisputable" which none of those things are. It is undisputable that a foreign policy expert should probably know that word.

  7. Hey Vaush, if you're reading this I want you to know you're a complete idiot. Stay smug, because it's gonna be hilarious watching you get absolutely spanked on this one.

  8. I think America should be sanctioned for its warmongering ways. It’s probably the only way to get the average person in America to wake up to how awful and harsh sanctions are on others. And it might finally be the catalyst for the general strike and mass civil disobedience needed to change the government in America.

  9. Finally someone with integrity having the balls to call out this country and people like that Douchebag Vaush who do nothing more than spread fear mongering propaganda that is nothing but lies. Jackson, I tip my hat to you. You could have chosen to spread the lies that our country wants people like Vaush to spread but chose to take the tuff route and tell the truth despite the fact that it wont ever make you rich doing it. People like Vaush are nothing more than slimey backstabbing opportunists willing to lie to the people in hopes of making it big someday. People like Vaush do not serve the people of this country well when all they do is spread our governments propaganda. The people deserve to know the truth and the more people like you doing the right thing gives me hope again that maybe someday we will take this country back from these criminals who have hi-jacked from us. I would have never thought something like this was even possible just 10 years ago but my eyes have been opened and the evidence is all out there if you take the time to verify things on your own. That is the problem though, nobody is willing to take that time especially if they don't know that they should be taking that time. Since I did, everything has begun to make more sense and I don't have to question sites like this one as much any more. It really does make a lot more sense why things are the way they are and of course it's all about money. The richest people in the world have more power than our own government and they basically bought it and the people neccessary to continue the show so they could rigg everything in their favor. It explains why they dont pay taxes and our government seems to be just fine with that. It explains why all legislation in this country no matter what party is in office is all in favor of big business and never never never in favor of the people. What are the odds of losing every battle attempted to just maintain legislation that we already had just be taken from us. It explains why the police in this country have stopped serving the people and only serve big business now. Its illegal for the military to police our streets, that's ok, we will just turn our police into the military. I'm white and even I know better than to call the police for anything because I know that would be putting my life in danger. I could understand why so many people in this country still chose to believe all of their lies. Nobody wants to believe that their country could have let this happen. We are taught in school that we are number one and that is something to be proud of. It's a hard pill to swallow for anyone here to accept that we have become the bad guy. it's not until you really start to feel the effects of these criminals that you have to accept that its true. More and more people are starting to feel the effects everyday now which means there are more people starting open their eyes. We need more people like you doing the right thing not for money but because the people need to know about this crap. They will do everything in their power to try to stop you from doing this which is even more proof that they are the criminals. They have something to hide and if they were innocent they wouldn't be trying to silence us they way they do. Look at what they did to Julian Assange. He is guilty of only telling the truth and because he was really good at it. They have done everything but kill him which they would do if they ever got him into this country. You are a very brave person. I hope you dont give up because we need people like you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a real hero and it wont be forgotten

  10. We're gonna be reacting to a thing a guy said on his stream, about my segment on his take regarding a video on my channel about his…….
    Dude, I can't take this drama bullshit anymore. Talk to these people and figure it out. You're dead wrong to say Aaron Mate doesn't have time to defend himself. He has done so multiple times. Jordan over at Status Coup called you out for being TMZ of the left the other day. You should watch that video, go look in the mirror, and then start doing better. We don't need this Jimmy Dore dunks on TYT, and reacts on kyle and blah blah fucking blah anymore dude. ENOUGH!

  11. It needs to be noticed and addressed, that KK gives air time to a clearly un- and misinformed guy like Vaush, but he can't find the time to get Maté on air? I haven't seen any in depth interview of Maté from KK; correct me if I'm wrong. Same goes for Krystal Ball; the OPCW-case is overwhelmingly important; a key illustration of the corrupt anglo-american policies – and their dominance of the western world.

  12. Fuck those guys for arguing to invade Syria. Dylan literally was suggesting we should have invaded a foreign country that didn’t attack us because they did stuff we said not to. By that logic, Russia and/or China should be allowed to invade our shores for violating treaties with both of them. It’s nonsense. Fuck that and fuck them.

  13. If you want to experience a chlorine gas attack just pour some chlorine acid for cleaning and forget to open the door in your bathroom (happened to me twice). Lungs and throat are burning! You can make high percentage of chlorine gas from Home Depot parts.
    And let's get to the beginning of the Syrian war. Yes, there were demonstrations in 2011., and Assad forces did fire on (armed) protestors (part of the failed Arab spring fueled by Turkey)! But we should remember CIA operation Timber Sycamore where CIA armed so-called moderate rebels with anti-tank and other weapons which ended in AQ and ISIS hands!There is no debate "rebels" were Al-Qaeda, and their splinter group ISIS (they split over a power grab) wanted to turn Syria into a SUNNI Wahhabi state!
    Secretary Kerry admits it, Jake Sullivan writes to Hitlary: "AQ is on our side"!
    Black flags were on the outskirts of Damascus and then Russians intervened!
    Khan Sheykoun and Douma were staged by Tukished backed AQ! After all, where did the US killed Al-Baghdadi? In "moderate rebel" held" Idlib!