Live with Journalist (& Now Democrat Enemy #1) Matt Taibbi! Viva Frei Live!

Short notice. going to be intense. Viva streams are like Viva. lol

Written by Viva Frei


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  1. I enjoy the Plaskett piece. Big 'ol 🚩🚩🚩

    The part about MTaibbi that I trust the most is the sources, and the silence of the government.

    It reminds me of when my cousin found out my father was a criminal.

    When others told me my dad was a criminal, I didn't listen I couldn't listen.

    But when my cousin told me, and I approached my father about what I heard, he was silent. It was then that I knew, the truth.

  2. Wow, imagine..? NONE of the 4 agencies dedicated to finding "election misinformation" …
    Ever were concerned nor mentioned that the claim of 50 current or former intel officers thought the Hunter laptop had ALL ..? The "classif earmarks of disinformation."

    I mean … ALL of them..? Not just some of them, but ALL? What are those btw..?

  3. Taibbi is a one man Fox news. Rupert Murdoch and M Taibbi are playing the same game. Fox 'news' has made millions of dollars these last 5-6 years. The reason? Never criticize Trump's words or actions. Fabricate conspiracy theories concerning the deep state etc..He's a phoney.

  4. Thanks for exposing the Censorship Industrial Complex. Crazy to think we would have none of this information of Elon hadn’t purchased Twitter. And they are still doing it at Google and Facebook today.

  5. MSNBC and the rest of corporate media, Murdoch’s properties included, aren’t “making mistakes” they are spewing oligarchic propaganda and lies, non stop. It’s all trauma, demoralization, batshit brain washing bullshit mind control with those clowns. This Twitter story is proof that the intel community and DOJ have wholesale contempt for the Constitution, most specifically the First Amendment. They’ve broken the law in systematic fashion, and a whole bunch of these so called “law enforcement” asshole twats belong in prison for treason and violating their oaths to defend and uphold the Constitution. They’re domestic enemies of our Constitutional order, they’re lawless criminals with contempt for the people they hypocritically pretend to serve. Props and kudos to Matt Taibbi for doing the journeyman’s work proving their malfeasance, it’s just a shame that the stasi thugs running our justice system aren’t about to prosecute themselves for being gestapo scumbags, that the so called opposition Republicans are such compromised bought and paid for complicit shills..

  6. I think you were referring to Daniel Ellsberg when you said 'Ellisberger'. Also, I'm not sure Trump was correct on everything he said in 6 years, though he was correct the system is corrupt, even if he himself is… Otherwise, good interview. 
    My guess is Matt doesn't vote for either major candidate in 2024, which is where I'll be as well.

  7. Viva, I enjoyed this podcast immensely! Could not connect when you were live. (our constant electricity problems) Matt, you're doing great – I watched you testifying live. The 'so-called journalist' remark made me cross. Luckily we (me and you) don't have the same temperament. I would have called her a 'so-called ranking member' – something like that. Glad you're a REAL journalist. BTW Matt, Viva is on my top 3 podcasters. Oh, when he and Barnes are together they discuss a lot of legal things – interesting things.
    I listen to you and who ever is on with you. I love your voices. You and Elon must talk please? I want to know – are you suicidal? In case you get 'Epsteined'.

  8. Wasn’t going to watch because I’ve already heard a number of Taibbi interviews. (Thank you, Matt for you perseverance.) Glad I watched, because of course Viva asks the right questions and more. Very informative.

  9. What is so incredible at face value is most informed people know with out a doubt this BS and deception has always and in arrogance, is happening in full view today with people who seek to deceive. What is so disheartening is people choose to believe these gas lighters for lack of a better words "monsters of outright lies " What has been said before " Contempt prior to investigation will leave a man in everlasting ignorance " Ty all who seek "TheTruth".

  10. Freedom of conscience once drove the American ethos. Sadly, many Americans have been too quick to abandon internal, self-definition for a beehive-like external loci of identity. Einstein once said, "He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice". Too many spinal cords running America these days.

  11. J1m B4K3R in twitter + FBI = CCP rep in companies + CCP

    Censorship alert: YouTube is deleting comments that call out officials by name. This censorship happened to me also when I called out the signees on the Restrict Act.

  12. A US government power gain tactict:
    – ask, what do people strongly believe in?
    – exploit the subset or version of those things that will get the public to hand you more power.

  13. One thing I've learned irs always wants their money. You would've heard something the next year not years later. They cashed a check then 4 months later garnished my paycheck then when I called & said you cashed the check on this date they started saying it was a mistake my paycheck was garnished

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