‘Lives Are More Important Than The Economy’

When you next hear someone retort ‘But LIVES are more important than the economy!’ realise that you are witnessing ignorance.

Maybe accidental ignorance, maybe excusable ignorance, maybe willful ignorance…but always ignorance.

The false dichotomy of LIVES vs MONEY is a trick, a useful political weapon, a mental heuristic, used by politicians and those who rely on slogans to cover their, well, ignorance.

What exactly is ‘the economy’? What is it measuring? What is its intent? What does it represent? What makes it move? These are questions that they cannot answer.

Nevertheless they invoke ‘the economy’ as the binary opposite of ‘human lives’ without knowing what they refer to.

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  1. Well when you're on the Government pay role you can afford to separate the two now can't you? This is why Australia is doomed because of this occupational tribalism. It's the only commonly accepted display of tribalism we currently allow for, so naturally this is how it manifests, and it will bring ruin to us all.

  2. What do you think happens when someone like Craig Kelly does somehow assume the reigns of power in this country? Well those that work for the Government look set to experience something many of them won't look forward to experiencing. History isn't repeating but it is rhyming. And whether we like it or not, Craig Kelly is our Jack Lang.

  3. As one of your other guests (John Tamney) put it; economic growth is the easily greatest enemy that death and disease have ever known – whilst poverty so the greatest killer.

    In a nutshell, open things up and let innovation find a way forward. Whatever company has the most innovative solution will have hordes of people scrambling to buy its solution, so naturally there's a decent incentive involved. 🙂

  4. we are starting to see glimpses of what a crashed economy looks like with rising prices of goods and fuel and the occasional bare supermarket shelf. What the bleeding hearts don’t realise, is the economy is what allows them to live. “lives are more important than the economy” is a misnomer. If we properly lose the economy, the death and suffering caused by the virus will pale in comparison.

  5. My theory. If the had let the virus go through the population the economy would have Boomed. The old and sick would have died. Hospital beds would be free. Hospital costs and requirements would go down as all the really sick ongoing care ppl would die. The cost associated with social security would have gone down, inheritences would have led to money being invested back into the economy. We should have just protected the vulnerable as best we could and let it rip. Said by an old fat person who acknowledges they would have been in line to go first.

  6. People don't seem to understand that if you cripple your economy, you're not just losing a few bucks in your pocket, or a few luxurious products.
    The economy is important for essentials, like food, water, having a roof over your head.
    There's a reason Communism kills so many people. A large part of it is people starving to death, because food requires a functioning economy.

  7. I have a theory about the lock downs. Were they implemented to create an artificial labour shortage to increase wages around the board? With prices of everything going up combined with increased money supply, was this their short term answer to the affordability crisis that is starting to occur. Interesting.

  8. Currently , Phillipines wants to arrest unvax, French PM want to "piss off" unvax, Canadian PM unvax are "mysogynistic and racist", along with others stating unvax should not be treated as citizens, and unvaxx should not be entitled to medical care… meanwhile Japan " urges do not discriminate against unvaxed. Due to labour shortages Scomo finds it ok to shorten quarantine time, while other mandated workers who refuse to get the Jab are on the poverty line, and the vaccinated seem to be spreading the latest variant around the workplaces.

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