(Livestream) Melbourne bans the Unvaccinated

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The City of Melbourne will require all staff, contractors and visitors attending City of Melbourne operated facilities to be fully vaccinated, essentially banning the unvaccinated from using facilities they have contributed towards.

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  1. Mmm, a vax that is untested gene therapy, that doesn't work, doesn't stop transmission of a virus with a 98% recovery rate, with no long term safety data? Sure….human rights anyone? Oh sorry, unless they say it's a human right, then it's not

  2. At least there is a NSW Attorney is having a go at the State Government as well as the TGA. I honestly feel it's the TGA that has let us down. They gave the jabs provisional Approval but apparently they haven't been supplied with a listing of the ingredients, apparently. I discovered that America banned the use of Squalene MF59 that was found to have been used in the Anthrax Vaccine.

    It wasn't until they made it mandatory for all Military Personnel, that personnel started pushing back. Finally it was investigated and they found Squalene MF59 to be solely responsible for Gulf War Syndrome. They decided that Squalene MF59 was to never be used again in Influenza vaccines or any other medication.

    Well guess what is used as an adjuvant in Fluad Quad for the use 65+. Yes it is in the Fluad Quad in Australia and it was passed by the TGA. So those of us with loved ones in Residential Aged Care Facilities and over 65 years of age, are forced to have the Fluad Quad Vaccine. The TGA doesn't always get it right.

    As long as people realise you can still get the virus when your double jabbed and you can still pass it on to others. That the majority of hose hospitalised overseas are double jabbed. That's the truth. Honestly, we haven't been told squat about the jabs in Australia. You need to ditch Google as your search engine if you really want to find out the truth about the jabs. Here in Oz there were 535 reports of deaths from the jabs. The TGA said only NINE of the deaths were from the jabs. I know how many deaths have been regis overseas and they have only been a drop in a bucket tongue actual truth.

    Ask yourselves why Nurses and Doctors are leaving their careers rather than comply. Now Pilots are following suit, Police and now the Military. How many people know the jabs are EXPERIMENTAL. That they aren't vaccines? I don't care what people do. Whether they get jabbed or not. The point is have they truly given informed consent? Are they aware they become apart of the Phase 3 Human Drug Trial? Which doesn't end until 2023, with the results being tabulated in 2024.

    Have you really tried talking to your Doctor about the jabs to help you educate yourselves. Mine refuses to discuss it with me. Even thought I have a letter from the PM's Office stating if I have any further issues, to discuss them with my Doctor. Good luck with that because mine isn't talking.