VIDEOS From Today’s Melbourne Protest to “Kill The Bill” i.e. New Law To Solely Give Premier Dan Andrews Permanent Pandemic Powers

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Victorians – take action to stop Dan Andrews’ Authoritarian Pandemic Laws

Go to this site to email all 128 Victorian MPs in one click.

It takes literally 10 seconds. That’s it. Please do it and share 🙂

For more information about the bill and go to

Note; there are more videos from this week’s protests – and previous weeks – on my Google Photos Album:

Livestreams / Videos

Real Rukshan on Facebook

*You may have to watch Rukshan’s long 4+ hour livestream on Facebook if the below video does not play.

Channel 7 Reporter Paul Dowsley abused by Melbourne protesters… again!
Source: AussieCossack

How the Mainstream Media Covered It:

Channel 10:

Channel 7:

Channel 9:

Sky News

News Corp / / Herald Sun:

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  1. MSM are delusional and determined to minimise our concerns, vilify us for having a dissenting opinion, and create a narrative in which Victorians are evil.
    We are pro-democracy, pro-freedom, pro-informed-consent patriots who are switched on and can see Daniel Andrews for the sociopath that he is.
    He and his corrupt government have abused every power they’ve had so far, blame-shifed and refused to take responsibility for their actions and monumental stuff ups, including the manslaughter of 800+ in quarantine, and the vaccine deaths and injuries of so many innocent people now treated like garbage.
    Andrews is attempting to usher in a permanent Nazi Occupation with himself as Fuhrer.

    This Bill has no place in a democracy.
    It’s offensive.
    Daniel Andrews doesn’t belong in a democracy.
    We completely reject the Bill and Daniel Andrews.

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