Living in a Social Credit System

The Social Credit System is a national credit rating and blacklist being developed by the government of the People’s Republic of China. Currently the program is only active in China and a few other countries, but who knows how far it will extend.. In this meme video, we. follow wojak in a day of his doomer life, inside of a social credit system. How will he succeed the day? Will he get a deal with a boomer? Will he get punished for seeking contact with a mommy e-thot? Will he get a ride home by Chad in his audi?




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Music used:
1. Wayne Jones – Brain Trust
2. Audionautix – Sneaky Snooper
3. Ryan/Jazz loop music – Milk Coffee


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  1. Panhandlers that are true professionals make a fortune. Imagine having the lowest possible social credit score but also being the richest. Imagine there was an "underworld" where people like him are the gods thereof.

    I don't know about you, but I would be celebrating humanity in Zion.

  2. Life already works this way but with money. I know people who make 70-90k a year from their job but they are never really off from work even on their vacation days because they are responsible for so much. But they have money. On the other hand, low paying jobs come without the stress of management or meeting quotas but you can’t afford anything. I’ve worked both and I guess the only really solution is to power through a high paying job while you have the energy and then retire slowly down the ranks.

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