Liz Cheney Rakes In Democratic Donor $$$ For Hating Trump

Liz Cheney is facing a daunting challenge to keep her Wyoming Congressional seat with many of her state’s Republicans branding her a traitor and turncoat for participating in the committee investigating Donald Trump and the January 6 Capitol riots. But along the way Cheney has picked up some new friends including big time Democratic donor Jeffrey Katzenberg and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who claim to support Cheney for her bravery and willingness to put country above party.

Jimmy and show producer Malcolm Fleschner discuss just how pathetic the Democrats Cheney love is and which of their stated core values they’re willing to abandon just because Cheney has turned on Donald Trump.

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  1. It's nice to know she will be embezzling the money of democrats as well as conservatives. Although I can't really see many conservatives donating to this creature.

  2. Just because people call themselves republican or democract or whatever it is, doesn't mean that they actually are that, liz seems like a scam politician to me, just get rid of her

  3. Doesn't it tell you guys something when everyone in the establishment is completely against Trump? Maybe, just maybe Trump is a used car salesman who is actually on your side against the establishment?

  4. Nothing is gonna happen to Trump because NOTHING should happen to Trump. Somebody tell me which policy Trump enacted that was bad. Not just because you disagree with him, but that he did that was bad for the country, because the exact opposite is true.

  5. You should watch Russel Brand's youTube about how Hillary campaign gave money to the Trump campaign during the primaries because Hillary thought Trump was easier to beat then any of the other GOP running.

  6. It was not an "attack" on the capitol… the trial was supposed to be about determining whether or not it was an "attack." You can't have a legitimate trial that is spoken & written about in the media in a way that makes a presumptive verdict. I was channel surfing past CNN — at the mechanic while I was waiting for my oil change — and a program about the trial was entitled "Assault on Democracy." Isn't our corporate media (including CNN) and assault on Democracy? Putting a verdict in the title is a complete mockery of justice & journalistic integrity.

  7. Trump attacked Bush/Cheney on Iraq and now this DC Swamp thing thinks she can rehabilitate the Cheney name. The enemy of the enemy is a friend. Look for her on CNN next year

  8. Donald Trump broke a lot of peoples brains, thank god that we don't have mean tweets anymore, it's well worth the shitty economy, inflation, high gas prices, insane corruption and lies of the current administration, and being the laughing stock of the world.

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