Liz Truss Wants to Nuke You

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New UK Prime Minister is ready and willing to use the nuclear weapons if the time comes. Katie explains: Feminism means girlbosses can be sociopaths too.

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  1. Can all in left YT please start educating people about both: (1) the difference between right-authoritarian vs. right-libertarian; & (2) the difference between left-authoritarian vs left-libertarian? It’s long overdue. People aren’t cattle or sheep: They will understand if we educate them.
    Though we need to educate (& learn) about all the nuance.

  2. Proves: She has no feelings about it. It's "Just her duty". Why not ask "Alexa" to do it then? I am pretty certain, she couldn't find the button, if she had to press it herself. The "just tell them, that you are capable" sounds like standard Transatlantic programming. While she radiates feelings like an authistic Broccoli. I wonder if that empty think-tank between her ears actually creates an echo. That would support my Echo-chamber-theory. Something to do with eligibility for Office. Think tanks in general, And their constant "logic" supply chain issues.

  3. Another way to look is it's all a bluff but you got to remember to bluff. Word on the street is most of those missile systems don't work. We are completely corrupt

  4. I didn't vote for Hillary Rodram Clinton because I was certain she would start a war with Iran out of fear of the same lady boss energy. 'Cause you know there would have been all kinds of doubt about hers or any women's ability to act in the capacity of Commandeerer in Chief.

  5. Katie, there's no way they'd let you anywhere near that button unless you were prepared to push it. The people in charge are the enemies of humanity, and if you're not ready to adopt that enmity, you wouldn't be allowed to join them.

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