Local Grandpa tells police: “Leave the Cossack alone you thugs!” A WIN For the People!

Stopped by Motorcycle Cop directly outside Parliament House. Local Aussie Grandpa comes in to defend against police harassment!
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Written by Aussie Cossack


  1. We still have guns.. Our local police and military here in the East Tn will not allow this to happen to their own families.. but of course THEY will find another way.. I hope there is an afterlife and I hope that their is judgement for all….!

  2. While im not saying its not a win, she is just a puppet at the end of the day, who will be replaced by another puppet. She's a scapegoat for the last 18months and the ICAC inquiry lets them pretend its nothing to do with our current situation while sweeping it under the carpet of the inquiry. Her replacement will take a step back but she took 3 steps forward.

  3. Simeon, don't want to be a wet blanket on this good news, but concerned Australia will do as US did in New York. THEY took upon themselves cherry-picking replacement Governor, who was NOT ELECTED, and even MORE RADICAL than predecessor Cuomo! Only mentioning b/c this just happened. Also convinced global Leftists are working in concert with NWO takeover…👿👿👿 They are demonic!