Local Idiot Fails to Look in the Mirror

Don Lemon wants anyone sharing “untruthful” information to face consequences. Forgets to look in the mirror.

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  1. The funniest part is that these clowns claim Voter ID is racist and voter suppression. But they do want ID verification for social media accounts.

    It’s not hypocritical though because they don’t actually believe the bullshit they say

  2. He is so brainwashed. I wonder… does anyone know his whereabouts in the span of years between his being on tv and being born? He has been so totally indoctrinated it can’t be anything other than a straight up brainwashing.

  3. Let's begin with the lies that CNN propagated with the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars. Should CNN be held culpable for the millions of lives lost and the billions of taxpayer dollars wasted? Unbelievable.

  4. Oh there will be consequences Dawn Lay-mawn. Either the Globalists win, and they purge you useful idiots after their victory, or the Nationalists win, and you enemies of freedom are rounded up. Either way, you're fucked. I would say pray for mercy, and that you will be allowed to live out your days in peace, but the only thing you would pray for, is more dong filling your orifices.

  5. How's about this one Don… it has been found that from Nov. 2016 to Nov. 2020 CNN said the two words Russian Collusion… approx. 175,000 times that would break down to 119.82 times per day for 4 solid years….. Talk about "untruthful" content!

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