LOCK DOWN! Journalist goes into HIDING after ATTACKING Johnny Depp supporter That Umbrella Guy!

The attempts to destroy Johnny Depp and his supporters is back firing! Looks like the people are sick of hearing how perfect Amber Heard is from them!

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Written by YellowFlash 2


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  1. Facebook deactivated my account I believe it was because I posted about how noone believes a man when they are abused which is true and noone is talking about that. Any woman can accuse a man and they're believed

  2. they HAVE to attack content creators because if they don't they lose their narrative. Because People like YF, TUG, Nick Rekieta are showing the truth.

  3. That so amazing for Camille she really did such a beautiful job. I really enjoyed watching Camille Wayne and Ben . The whole team did an extraordinary job and I wish them all the best.

  4. The only women who should be afraid of the verdict are women who lied about domestic abuse. I hate people and the media who say when one thing is good for one gender it’s automatically bad for another gender. Female dv survivors are still safe- male dv survivors now have more even footing

  5. Have been following TUG and yourself and other YT creators for years. The only time the tv is on in this house is when my mother comes to visit and I can't handle it. It's over for mainstream. They exposed themselves during the Beer Bug and continue to do so with treacherous coverage of the trial. They think we are just mindless dumb idiots. But no one below Boomer age that I know believes a TV anchor, or national newspaper/magazine anymore

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