Lock Us Down Daddy (Robbie Bernstein) | Can’t Get Right with Kurt Metzger – Ep 116

On this weeks #CantGetRight, Comedian #KurtMetzger is joined by “Part of the Problem” co-host & host of the “Run Your Mouth” Podcast: it’s Robbie “The Fire” Bernstein. Kurt and Robbie chat about a lot of things that will probably get this video taken down, or at the very least demonetized. Things like government mandates, boosters, lockdowns, misinformation and much more, on this ALL NEW episode of #CantGetRightPodcast.
CGR Ep 116

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Kurt Metzger

Rob Bernstein
The GRAND RYM EOY Misinformation Spectacular:

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  1. 21:08 do not listen to Kurt, pay your bills. You DO have to pay for things. These people arent staying in business for nothing. The longer you push out your bill the larger it will be.

  2. leaving out the recently discovered blackmail operation being a tool used by elves in controlling us. Exxon mobile can lobby bribe and but they cannot Get ex presidents to visit in Island and record s3x blackmail with them Gov intel can

  3. How does Kurt have the article pulled up, talk about how youtubers and corporate TV is astroturfed and paid off. Then while the article is pulled up right next to his fat head argue that Sasha isn't a paid Israeli shill. It's obvious that he is, and his comedy has completely shifted towards that end. Think about it for a second Kurt and stop thinking about your career for a second, Bernstein was right.

  4. I respect what Robbie is saying but I think when the corporations get as big as governments they would simply create the government control they need or they would form price fixing networks or buy all competition or just assassinate uncooperative competition. With the ever increasing complexity, you’ll need a rich elite to back your idea even to get to the point where you can be bought out. Just the disinformation campaigns they can unleash on competition is nuts. The only hope is the courts but they’ve been purchased by corporations.

    That’s why blockchain technology is the only real chance we have to setup fairish rails to run a business on. You can still have all the old networks and collusion but there’s a certain amount of control taken away from the public private partnership and put into the hands of the creators and users. We’ll have to see how it all plays out, get involved to help steer the ship.

  5. If twitter, Facebook, and YouTube really cared about harmful language, mental health, and dangers of certain ideologies, they would end their media platforms but obviously they’ll never do that.

  6. Don't forget how we, the USA, became a country for one, and two how we became the world super power for as long as we have, WAR. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but now we don't fight wars we have neverending, no win conflicts that fill the pockets of war profiteers, it's changing tho, now it's pointed inward, and it's more the way china does it, on that Kurt is correct.

  7. Kurt – on the microtransactions thing – it wasn't governments that regulated it at first, it was us. The people who gave their money for it. The critics on youtube and people who actually payed for the games and said – wait, what's that? I payed for the thing now you want me to pay 100 to unlock the other thing in it? Or play commercials in a video game which I payed for (it was a real thing that happened for a minute, look it up). People, in other words the market regulated it and changed it, governments were late on it and were the final nail in the coffin.
    The coin has two faces – one you trust the people, or two you get big daddy government (made of another group of flawed people with vested interest) to regulate it. One is flawed, two is veering towards authoritarianism by definition. Free markets are flawed, very flawed sometimes in savage ways, people who come "before their time" are never recognized in time to reap the benefits of their labor, and often die in misery and poverty, because… well because the market and people who it's made from can't recognize something they don't know they need or want yet. Van Gogh sold a single painting in his life, and he sold it cheap.

  8. Hey Kurt, since you're close to Jimmy Dore and he seems to be the "thinking man's communist" (a rare thing), could you do me a small favor and ask him this question, since I couldn't find an answer to it from all the other… you know doodoo headed communists I've met in my life – big corporations, evil (agreed), diamonds and NFT's fake prices (agreed) – so if we are to regulate them, where do we find those perfect, moral individuals who are not gonna get corrupted by the power we vest in them? Do we make them in a lab? Sugar, spice and everything nice? Or are we perhaps better off with, you know – one layer of evil instead of two?

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