Lockdowns Caused 100k+ Deaths in Young, Working-Age People, Study Finds | If It Saves Just One Life

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Lockdowns Protected Older People. But at What Cost to the Health of Young Adults?:
Skeptical experts in Sweden say its decision to have no lockdown is a terrible mistake that no other nation should copy:
Sweden says its CV approach has worked. The numbers suggest a different story:
Sweden’s Relaxed Approach to the CV Could Already Be Backfiring:
CV data by country:

Written by Matt Christiansen

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  1. Matt gives a good argument and excellent rhetoric, but we all know why this happened: Greed, corruption, and money. A bunch of disgusting sociopaths made fortunes locking down the world and medically r@ping people with garbage they knew was dangerous and ineffective. You cannot debate morals with a sociopath that doesn’t give a $hit.

  2. I don't care if lockdowns saved a million people. In a free country you have no right to lock people down and prevent them from living their lives. That's the problem with making the "Lockdowns actually killed x amount" argument. They never should have locked down in the first place, for any reason. I don't care if space aliens are coming and attacking us. It's not the government's right to lock everyone down. They are not our overlords.

  3. Lets also consider how many of those deaths were actually the flu.. Remember that the flu magically disappeared in 2020, and took all flu deaths with it.. Quite amazing really. So this covid thing has some sensory baggage, right? I'm just curious what undiagnosed and untreated pneumonia would feel like, because god knows it also kills a LOT of people too every year. Could it be possible that all of those 100k+ deaths were for nothing? I remember waiting for 2020 to end, in order to get the total number of deaths and compare to years prior, and they went along the same pattern as years and years prior. After Xiden was installed, and they rolled out that very safe and effective vaccine, the numbers sky rocketed. I've been talking to funeral home directors and 911 dispatchers, and they tell the same story.

  4. Wow, it's almost as if the impressionable youth of the world were all given some kind of deadly drug at around the same time… pushed by governments, media, corporations, social pressure, and the most extensive propaganda campaign in human history… all over the entire planet…

  5. Annecdotal, but I have heard more ADULTS speaking about their own loneliness and depression in the last two years than ever before. I can only imagine the effects on teens is three-fold.

  6. I really don't see the point in making us angry like this. We know this when it was happening, we knew it would be like this so why bother making us angry nothing will be done about it and I suppose Matt you think Jan 6th was wrong, I think they didn't go far enough.

  7. I personally went from a mostly outgoing, extroverted person (not like I'm built that way, it was just habit) to an anti-social introvert. Luckily I have a lot of money saved up, so I don't have to do much but pay bills and work from home for way less than I'm really worth normally but… 2020+ screwed with my head. Never in my life did I understand just how stupid large groups of people are, and how utterly evil bureaucrats and autocrats are. And there's really nothing a normal person can do most of the time except try and get through each day. It's been a rough few years, and the people in charge didn't help.

  8. The abysmal failure of governors and CDC officials and Dr. Ouchy to approach the pandemic considering all factors instead of the tunnel vision they used is scandalous and one of the worst abuses of power we have ever seen.

  9. I couldn’t agree more with the premise of this decision. From the beginning, throwing all of this (economy/ freedom/ liberty) away is worth it to save just one life is BS! That is a slap in the face for everyone and their families, through all of history, who sacrificed their life’s and or time in the military fighting/ defending for those very things we surrendered. It was always to get one man out of office at any and all costs.

  10. The Christian leaders should bear guilt for this, too. Listening to gov leaders & not the Bible by shutting down our churches & ignoring mental health issues. My former pastor is guilty!

  11. In April 2020 my OB office denied prenatal care during my THIRD TRIMESTER because I had a sore throat lasting months which was already dismissed as postnasal drip (common pregnancy symptom) by another provider. I had 3 doctors visits and 3 tests (none were COVID tests btw, they refused to give me one due to shortages) and a doctor's note before they let me come back for an appointment to listen to my baby's heart. I was due in a month. For those not familiar, the last month of pregnancy you get 1-2 appointments a week because things can go wrong quickly in that final stage. It is dangerous to miss an appointment

  12. Bro, have watched you gladly for a long time, you kinda remind me of a young farmer I know, so I want to ask if it's ok and if you haven't said so before: what tool do you open or conceal carry?

  13. The left is run by evil psychopaths that take advantage of the moronic sheeple and fool them into doing their bidding. The leftist masses are too stupid to see two steps past the dangerous ideas their cult-like leaders proclaim from on-high. From the beginning of the lockdowns anyone with two brain cells could see that the damage would be unimaginable and that "saving one life" would likely kill millions and millions. Beyond isolation and people not going to see the doctor, entire countries are starting to crumble under the economic devastation. We are going to see starvation and death on a scale not seen since World War II. God help us all.

  14. The DemocRats want us to think of wealthy Wall Street financiers and institutional investors when we hear "the economy."
    Obviously that's dumb and yeah, the Democrats' biggest donors are Wall Street finance and big tech types.

  15. Reminder.
    The governments of the world never had the authority to;
    – Lock you in your home
    – Stop you going to work
    – Shut down your business
    – Shut down your school
    – Stop you leaving the country
    – Stop you using public transport
    – Stop you from seeing dying loved ones
    – Stop you from having a funeral
    – Stop you from having a wedding
    – Force you to wear a mask
    – Force you to have a medical procedure
    And they did it anyway. And the Media cheered, and begged for more.
    The. World. Is. Fucked.
    Keep your guns. You'll need them.

  16. "which lives are worth saving?" Simple answer. The lives with the most power to protect themselves. A politician will burn through thousands of lives to save themselves because they have the power to do so.

  17. All that it is done for the children, and we want to slow the spread, all that was bs. The truth is Trump scared the left. They have this weird belief that every society ends up being fascist or communist, and of course communism is a shangrila in their eyes, meant that they had to step in. The over the top response was part of a plan to kill capitalism. I've read that one fifth of the small businesses in this country were victims of the pandemic. That is shocking. And of course, we have had riots where capitalist businesses were the victims of it frequently. This was all planned and it is a war which only one side is fighting.

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