Locked Out of Officeworks

When faced with triggering situations, we can separate the immediate reaction from the practical reaction.

This is the story of an Officeworks visit that demonstrates the point.

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Written by Discernable


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  1. Usually I love the content on this channel. But this woke rubbish… sorry. Sticking up for your rights & fighting against discrimination is not "giving up your power".
    If people don't start getting mad & pushing back this shit will just continue.
    Let the wokies sing kumbaya whilst re-balancing their inner power while the freedom loving adults kick up a shitstorm & push back.

  2. Discrimination against healthy people, unjabbed doesn't mean you have c0vid, Just like being jabbed doesn't mean you don't have c0vid and are not spreading it, Because they certainly can and are!
    It is pure nonsense and those that are pushing this need to be strung up in public.

  3. The experimental drug does not work per purpose and long term effects are unknown so all need to get over the billions wasted by government and end all this segregation and re-establish social order. But that probably would need a change of Gov.

  4. Parallel institutions developing including those in the retail industry. At some point in the future, there will be a competitor to Orifice Works and those turned away will never forget. The power of choice will compliment the embargo.

  5. Except all retail is meant to be open to all now, regardless of vaccination status, and has been like that for a while now.

    Every one of those people turned away can sue for discrimination.

  6. i was never a big spender buying things i didnt need. but as i grow older i realise the first world have an extreme obsession with consumerism/capitalism of things they absolutely do not need and will compromise their morals to maintain this toxic culture. one i dont even bother going to big business only small businesses. they have never asked me for my vaccination status. but if someone asked me for it as a necessity for entry i definately will not get angry. the answer is simple. thank you and walk out. not going to stress over something so stupid. samuel is 100% correct let your faith lie in god something that is not imperfect or unjust. you will never be disappointed because if you are a good person at the end of the tunnel you will have eternal happiness when we go to the next life.

  7. I would still NOT BE OK!! It is an outrageous INJUSTICE AND I WOULD CERTAINLY POINT IT OUT TO MANAGEMENT, not the hapless staff member who was probably an innocent junior. Never see a wrong and DO NOTHNG. (Mary Mckillop).

  8. Success in this earth ls a lie from the devil, focus on eternity Jesus said
    I’ll say it again—it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!”
    We are taught from a young age to have no worries become rich/ and wealthy, but the bible is contrary, Jesus says in another verse to a rich man
    Jesus said to him, “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.”

  9. It's so ridiculous that people have to "accept" that they can still be happy if they can't go walk into Officeworks without being asked whether or not they've been injected with a foreign substance. This isn't what freedom looks like. It NEVER will be. Let people get stressed out until they reach breaking point. Let's see how this pseudoscience on how they should accept these restrictions their own government has allowed to reign free. It's simply unacceptable and the more people that come to this conclusion, the better.

  10. Whenever I could I stopped shopping in office works when they kept asking me to give donations with my change, they also refused to take case from me for a 20c item (I had to use my card) and after this b… s… I will never go there again for sure.

  11. It's ok all those people that are employed to turn people away will soon be unemployed themselves because we will be taking a business elsewhere in most likely online so their whole business and shops will shut down. Play hurting no one but themselves because this is the way ruling Elite want shopping in the world to run from now on. Most of these people won't know how to shop online when the place shuts down

  12. Consumer rights in Australia are clear, if the doors are open, nobody can stop you entering. If anyone touches you, thats assault. Mandates are not law. Assert your rights. I personally haven't worn a mask for the entire time covid has been around. I dont check in either. Common Law protects me. I have civil rights abuse claims against 3 business that refused me service. Covid is making me wealthy.

  13. Apathy??? Complyance is consent. This man would have been a good complying German! We learnt from that! Please, we are an informed audience that you attracted here, we can't be fooled. Of course we are not going to die without stationary but the public have a right and a duty to respond. Respond and don't shop at these places again. Decernable, please keep your content and guests intelligent, rational, real and responsible or you will loose your audience, FAST.

  14. Medical appartide people – next they'll be asking us to sew little badges on our lapels. The unvaxed should NOT have to manage this nonsense NOR just expect to manage our righteous indignation or be triggered. Our power is being taken. It's about our rights to choose.

  15. They are rolling this nonsense out everywhere now. In New Zealand teenagers cannot sit their Drivers License Test without being vaxxed. It’s another Jacinda Ardern exercise in tyranny.

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