LOL! MSNBC Admits The Dems ARE DOOMED In 2022 After This…


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  1. Don't worry, they have the most sophisticated cheating thingie in place, remember? It worked for them in 2020 so well, what's to stop them from cranking it out in 2022 and beyond?

    They have had bozos in power for decades in their states, and they keep "winning" each election cycle. Do you honestly think they haven't been holding their thumb on the scale each time their terms were up?

    Let's hope the election audits gain some traction, and they actually put some PROSECUTORIAL TEETH in the results to where there is CRIMINAL charges/prosecutions for those who participated in the fraud that has been obviously going on for much longer than 2020. It just got exposed in a big way then.

  2. for 4 years straight morning Shmo praised deamonrats. Orange man bad. Trump is a Russian agent blah blah blah, yawn.Mr. Smo and mrs.Shmo both voted for the evil deamonrats as did there HATE America audience.

  3. No one wants to be on the losing side. Even Chris Wallace is reiterating talking point questions to Blinken, mildly grilling him; but grilling him nonetheless. Of course Blinken answers no questions in a straight forward manner and offers inferences of pre-existing conditions leading to the current debacle in Afghanistan.

  4. NP should have been out of office "a while back". Things are in disarray, "but that has to be corrected"- as though she was straightening a doily on a sofa. Someone please correct 'IT'.

  5. The one thing I’ve learned in my mid seventies is, democrats will always overstep. They can’t help themselves. They’re led by progressives or dare I say socialists and made up of unicorn believing masses yearning to find heaven on earth. Neither of course is attainable.

  6. Didn’t trump set up a time line for Afghanistan and Biden chose to extend and leave on September 11, months after we were supposed to withdraw from trumps plan that should be news but hooray for the brave Biden speedy withdrawal

  7. I just want to know where all the democrats are that blared the alarms for almost 4 years about Trump "skipping intel briefings." It seems like they are completely silent now as Biden embarrasses the shit out of the US in Afghanistan, and as it goes on we hear about more and more contradictory "intelligence."

  8. So sick of Nancy Pelosi and her neckerchief mask around her neck. She needs the boot like 2 years ago. Never again should Speaker of the House be voted in by Congress, only by We The People. Speaker shouldn’t have the amount of power they do either.

  9. More distraction to divide people, repub vs. dem fluff.
    It should be no surprise that they were going to turn on Biden because we called it out on the first month that he was going to be replaced.
    Meanwhile Chinese government got away scott free after letting an altered influenza strain get out of their lab and then stroking panic that it was "deadly".
    Remember, they forced Chris Matthews into retirement because he spoke out against the real issue, Chinese Communism.

  10. Notice how the focus has shifted away from Afghanistan 1 month later. We still have allies and Americans there. Americans have a short attention span. We focus on what the media shows us. Conditioned to only pay attention to what were shown. Like Cuba for example how long did that last a week maybe 🤔. Don't let them change your focus off the more important topics. We still have people in Afghanistan the Cuban people still need help

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