London Freedom Rally! 👍 😃

Now from the outset I will say that this video is purely about questioning the government’s political handling of the current situation.

Oh and if anyone’s wondering while watching this video, why the Elizabeth Tower clock keeps telling us it’s midday – it’s down for maintenance.


Written by Jeff Taylor

For independence and democracy! This channel is dedicated to politics, political news and political commentary. It is predominantly aimed at UK politics from a centre right perspective, but delves into all areas of global politics where appropriate. It also aims to promote the concept of an independent and sovereign UK taking its own place in the world, post Brexit.


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  1. Great job Jeff and every voice counts, but I'm not in favour or drug company's playing fast and lose with unproven vaccines after the United nations leaked it in 2010. I was one of those who read the paper on covid 19, 2020. And this was planed. And the Vacine will take a few years befor the real results are truely seen. Never saw that little slip up on any Web site news paper radio. Etc. And like me those who read it that day , saw there pc, lap tops etc totally wiped out by a computer virus , aimed at any one who read that paper. I'm not alone I've heard from many others who to we're targeted by the United nations. I've been telling My family for years . And now they see just what I told them.

  2. I enjoyed your video and the people you met🙏
    Sorry to say.
    Will achieve… Nothing.
    I have msny many reasons for my thoughts.
    You are living in a time of historical change.
    Back in history, it will tell you.
    Another Form of Control.
    Not the Industrial Revolution.
    The Internet Revolution.
    Take Control of the Internet People.
    They are already controlling,
    You 💭🤺🙏

  3. I expect the police had their orders to provide the MSM with footage of the "violent far right" in a photo opp.
    I notice GB News managed a full TWO minutes with a hit piece ,shot in a quiet street and a gross underestimate of those attending,
    People still think GB News isn't an MSM channel!

  4. Breaking news there is a new variant is even quicker than Omicron and the big problem is you get no systems at all, not even a runny nose or headache you only know
    you have it if you get tested? ………………… It is called Ironic

  5. Since you all stood back and watched Tommy Robinson being jailed his business life being destroyed and said nothing and allowed it to happen what the bloody hell did you think was going to happen that that was going to be the end. You're all a bunch of foolish wankers.

  6. The crowd simply nudged against the police and slowly just pushed them.out of the square. It was a pleasure to watch non violent, exept for one burly black policeman who got nasty a bashed a poor protester over the.head will a large Batton. Totally out of ORDER
    🤔💯. 💉💉☠️☠️

  7. I think this pandemic has really taught people the importance of multiple stream of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different Investment is the real deal..

  8. The serious incident outside Downing Street has been removed from a kid from the Midlands I freely walked up and down Downing Street in the fifties, then they erected the gates at the end
    of the street. Perhaps if they had looked into the reasons why they thought they needed the gates, then sorted the reasons, they wouldn't have needed the gates and we wouldn't be where we are today..

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