London: The World’s Dirty Money Laundry

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Written by Ordinary Things


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  1. Hope I didn't seem like too much of a bumbling idiot when I saw you in b-town last week, got a bit starstruck! Excellent video as always, thank you for taking the time to make it

  2. Eventually I feel the dream of owning homes will exist in the countryside, and no one in cities or suburbs will bother, just renting or paying until they trade up, presuming the increases continue forever. So long as it's TRUE, the goal should be live in city after school, and do what you can to eventually leave, be it a smaller employer elsewhere or WFH. Basically, the NYC Finance grad grind goes global.

  3. We don’t realise this but when you see the beautiful buildings and monuments in cities they were built off the backs of slaves and slave labour…then you want to keep the immigrant grandchildren of those slaves out of the beautiful cities that were built as a result of the subjugation of their grandparents 🤦‍♂️

  4. This is a very woke take. But as someone who moved to London 20 years ago from Australia and has made a lot of money working in the City I am very impressed at the accuracy. Its all true. London is the world's money laundering and tax dodging centre. We make the Swiss look like amateurs, though the are happier to accept Nazis, Drug Cartels, Dictators and Gangsters than we are.

    He barely scratched the surface on what we do and left out the 3 main avenues – Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. We get away with murder and it makes us facilitators very rich. But he misses the point. Unless you are a communist and believe in utopia, high taxes only lead to avoidance and evasion rather than higher tax revenue. Lower global tax rates to 20% and the City and the havens die. Actual government revenue will increase. You left wing muppets and your tax the rich bullshit are the problem not those of us who fight it. Flat taxes rather than jealousy driven progressive taxes is how you find government but you ignorant voters don't understand how the world works. So we will keep doing what we do. Now… sod off peasants

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