London’s Machetes of Peace

Politics of Fight club

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  1. Unironicly nice to see that some of these murderers are at least considerate. You want to offer up your life of freedom in exchange for someone else's, no reason to terrify and inconvenience the rest of the public any more than the inevitable. Would have a pint with him before putting him to a firing squad.

  2. Ain't that Dianne "West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children" Abbott's neck of the woods ? what's she got to say about this ? Where are these protesting mothers ?

  3. I was security in Elephant castle, it's crazy a lot of gangs is young boys , the police are scare to arrest the boy's, because of politically correct, the woke government and women's don't understand in dangerous society most vulnerable people is ( woman, children and old people), when the system and feminist movement attach men's saying patriarch and oppressor, the good man just leave the society , dark time is coming

  4. Where the hell did they get machetes? I thought your government banned stuff like that? I think this was probably the best possible outcome, the machete users were killing each other rather than innocent people.

    edit: I wish that the left would act this way toward mass shootings. Wed probably would have alot less of them because the shooters arent getting famous anymore, and there would be no more call for gun control.

  5. To be a middle eastern guy with a machete drawn in public, and understand the optics enough to say, "I know what this looks like, but I promise you, this is not a terror attack." LMFAO

  6. People of a certain colour wonder why they are the more prone to stop and search in London.
    Just looking at the pictures of the people involved in these incidents and the recent looting taking place that is not being reported by the press you really don't have to be much of a Sherlock Holmes to deduce why.

  7. Highwaymen used to carry rapiers and steal your horse. And coachmen travelers used to carry blunderbusses to take care of that. Except you can't own a blunderbuss anymore, much less defend yourself.

  8. Import the third world…… become the third world…. all part of THE KALERGI PLAN…. KALERGI FOUNDATION Awarded merkle and Blair for their work in destroying Europe….. dr KALERGI created the plan over 100yrs ago…. Dover ferry service financed by tax payer is imported enemy troops daily….. rnli heavily involved never give that billion pound business a penny….

  9. With all the inevitable maiming to ensure, I'd emphasize the phrase "the right to keep arms" for a good pun, but then I recall you Limeys don't have a 2nd Amendment to joke about.

  10. Criminals will not respect a force that takes the knee, paint their car rainbow colours and dance at festivals. There is a correlation between the rise in crime and the decreasing fear/respect for the Met Police.

  11. You have to look at the global banking system to understand these are all symptoms of financial corruption that the public are suffering from and paying for. Please look at the bank of international settlements. Actual Nazis used it launder money in the 30s and 40s. It's still going (not Nazis, the bank) and carving up the globe.

  12. I stopped working in London 10 years ago. I even refuse to price work in London and I live just outside on the boarder.

    The odd occasion I price a job for a good customer, I slap 100% on top hoping to lose the job, you'll be surprised how many I win. I charge Londoners double for voting for Kahn and living like rodents. I refuse to employ Londoners for the same reason. Not worth the trouble.

    The place is an absolute cesspit.

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