Long Covid Doesn’t Cause Heart Issues

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Written by Peak Prosperity

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  1. Chris, you have once again covered a vital topic and you elegantly cover to reveal the false and ludicrous criticism of clear conclusions. Thanks Chris.

  2. love your view of life….dyslexic me, during lockdown, felt like a jew in the 1930's germany…..scared for my "different point of view" to the of violence to me.

  3. Finally some good news! On another note, I now have a cataract. I'm seeing people in the Survivor Corps group on Facebook reporting the same. I also have peripheral neuropathy so I wonder what's going on with my diabetes risk. I'll be getting an a1c soon. My family history and genetic profile has an increased risk but my diet is carnivore adjacent and I'm at my high school weight.
    It's just a constant battle for damage control but I'll not be taking it lying down!

  4. "Long COVID" is the either the most hilarious con or biggest case of confirmation bias in the recent history of medical science.

    1) Have a population suffering of lifestyle-induced chronic inflammation and its results (1/2 overweight, 1/4 obese, 1/10 diabetic, 4/10 pre-diabetic, …)
    2) Mildly more severe flu comes around, hits those suffering from chronic inflammation the hardest
    3) OPTIONAL: Give the worst cases treatments that worsen outcome (such as ventilation in the case of low oxygen not caused by ARDS, in diabetics no less lol)
    4) Blame the symptoms of their (admittedly probably aggravated) chronic inflammation on said flu.
    5) Profit

  5. With regards to pericarditis being higher in the non-covid group. I was experiencing alot of regular, minor chest pain until after I got covid. In my experience it was stress related. There was so many news stories about how bad covid was and you were trying not to get it but after you got it and found out it wasn't that bad afterall then it cured so much stress.

  6. You can use granger causality to "prove" causation.

    Critics say causation requires counterfactuals, so it's not causation, but you can't derive counterfactuals from data.

    So Granger causality is pretty much the only causation you get from data.

  7. Thank Gawd I'm #PureBlood
    I never got the jab and I never got the W_u-h-a_n flu.
    Oh yeah I'm a firm believer in personal responsibility: I'm not overweight, I eat healthy, I take supplements and… I've been on 30mg Ivermectin every 2 weeks since January 1, 2021.

  8. Two men in my (enthusiastically vaxxed) social circle have been taken by ambulance to the hospital for vague “heart issues in the past 2 weeks. One had a blood clotting situation last fall. Neither has had the virus, no prior heart issues. I’m actually scared to suggest a vaxx relationship because of their strong views 🥹.

  9. I appreciate your content Chris and my heart breaks for some of your commenters, I'm so glad I was a 'wait and see girl'….my problem now is, because I'm not jabbed the CDC says I can't visit my brother in NC, as I'm a UK resident. I've recovered from covid twice and I'd like to know how to get into the US without being jabbed? I'm happy to take a negative test the day before flying, but as I'm on a low income, I can't afford to pay lots of money for a flight, if I'm at risk of being sent home from the airport, any advice is greatly received xx

  10. There is lots of anecdotal evidence that WW2 concentration camps came with a high mortality risk … but until a double blind study is done with a huge population group, it’s all anecdotal and therefor irrelevant … signed … FDA’s vaccine safety evaluators

  11. I know 3 triple booster family members who all caught covid. They are all university graduates who will do ten boosters if their peers say it's necessary, results be damned!

  12. It's so great that you're here for us during these dreadful times. If you find your garden fails and you are looking at starvation, come on down. I have some tricks.
    Linton Herbert

  13. I am unvaxxed and had covid in February 2021. A few weeks later I started having heart issues. I take quercetin and it helps but I cannot overexert any longer or my heart goes off. Since I have avoided doctors and pharmaceuticals for over 30 years I cannot prove anything. My theory is that both the virus and the vaccines are genetically modified so we are screwed either way..
    maybe why China is so intent on zero Covid.

  14. The fact that all the well-designed studies come from OTHER COUNTRIES is fkng DAMNING!
    Our health depts, CDC, FDA, NIH are a total joke!

  15. My family all had covid in February (about 4 months ago) and we have been practically sick ever since, with colds or flus etc.
    has anyone else had this experience? It seems like most the kids I know are constantly sick as well. Does covid lower immune systems?

  16. I don't believe that, everyone is different. Covid can cause blood clots, a blood cause a lot of things. If the vaccine gives a portion of the disease, who says it doesn't. If it associated with the swelling of the heart, noone can say, that it won't stay! That's Isreal, not the World.

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