Lord Of The Rings Goes Woke Beyond Parody

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    The best way to show your disgust for this tripe is by giving it a thumbs down and then leaving. Don't give their live stream any watch time. Show your disgust, then leave.

  2. Honestly, I'm not super mad about it. It's more funny than anything. Also – after what, 100 years, there have to be some new topics to discuss.

  3. Regarding whats going to happen to the woke fandom having the ears of the creators – My friend bought a 4th edition copy of Hackmaster recently and this is what he said about it:

    "And you know how now days they are talking about making D&D more accessible and politically correct with regards to races and making dungeons wheel-chair accessible (That last bit isn't a joke)
    Well, in the intro pages of HackMaster 4th edition we have this paragraph about its use of pronouns.

    'On the use of the male pronoun

    I apologise for wasting valuable space on this topic but it's been a thorn in my side since the last edition of HackMaster went to press. Those of you familiar with the 3rd edition rules probably noticed we bought into the political correct clap-trap of alternating male pronouns with their female counterparts. I was pressured into such nonsense by one of my former copy editors and I've regretted it ever since. I apologise for allowing such foolishness to enter the realm of HackMaster. I'd just like to get my hands on the moron who suggested such a practice in the first place. What rubbish! Yeah, I'm sure some of you got the warm fuzzies when you stumbled across the word "she" instead of "he" when you read the rules for falling damage in 3rd edition, but it's over!!
    It's called proper usage of the written word, folks'"

    I personally applaud this creator.

  4. The greatest sign of complete mental illness.
    Is the fact, they don’t even realize what they set out to do anymore, with all this insanity. Ultimately they want others to share their delusion, forcibly if necessary. They forget, the point of an event like this is to bring others into their fold, they can’t even pretend to be slightly normal and bring in, the goal” normies”. They are so caught up in their fantasy brainwashing, that’s all they can run circles around. They are incapable of even acting like a person anymore. These sicko’s are actually happy to be brain dead NPC SJW’s. Staggeringly pathetic, degenerates.

  5. Watched the LoR films when I was a kid, really enjoyed them. Was disappointed by the Hobbit.
    I've just gotten my hands on The Hobbit, and the Ring books this week. The Hobbit was kind of similar to the film in my view, but I've gotten onto the Fellowship now, and I am loving it.
    Don't know much about all the background, but I can see myself getting into it, though I just hope this doesn't lead to a dead-end for the series, like with Picard and all these new "updates," to classic series.

  6. Predicting it now livestream will only have a few moderators or none which I wouldn't be surprised. Then the stream chat is going to be absolutely insane during to people being furious because lord of the rings is getting high jacked by woke warriors.

  7. Why do they take my favorite things and destroy them. At least ill always my book have it and will defend it with more ferocity and semi automatic weapons fire than these pussies would even believe possible. I'll bring Mordor to their front fucking door, letting loose war not imagining war like the Dark Lord did but SEEING IT. Men of the west, will you stand?

  8. 12:39 oh there will be people joining but that's just say it won't be the attention they will like. Now for a quote when there getting the backlash they deserve "Look likes meat's back on the menu, boys."

  9. These scumbags act all prim and proper why dont they just create their own book. You know why because they have no imagination and even when they try it flops. So instead they have to be parasites move on to a great book ruin it with their woke agenda and when their done with it and Its dead and when the real fans are gone because what they loved has been completely destroyed with nonsense they then move on to another great thing like the locust/parasites they are.

  10. These guys are going to have an aneurysm when they move on to Dune.
    Try explaining diversity in the Bene Gesserit you damn witches.