“Ludicrous” Arguments Against #ForceTheVote — Disrupts Line Of Succession!

Force The Vote! We demand that every progressive in Congress refuse to vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House until she publicly pledges to bring Medicare for all to the floor of the House for a vote in January:

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  1. Every day, members of Congress must be constantly freaking out, asking themselves “are my donors ok with this?” What should I do? I must be careful…?

  2. If M4a was approved an audit of all medical costs would be performed. That means prescriptions, doctors, surgeries, materials such as tools, devices, equipment, the clothing, the food everything else that goes into running a medical service and/or supplying medical care would be scrutinized and total costs compared to total billings and all would have to be tallied to insure there aren’t extraordinarily unfair costs or profiting in any areas to keep the costs per person as low as possible. That’s why there’s so much pushback on M4a. There’s interests in blocking it in pharmaceuticals, Doctors associations, organizations and unions who hold a huge amount of power and influence, there are huge insurance companies and conglomerates who also have huge amounts of influence and power, Giant medical supply companies, and a list that goes on and on that will throw trillions of dollars and everything else they can at blocking M4a to preserve their profits and sustain the current system. Is it even possible to get through the maze of corruption and opposition

  3. That Klion is all hot air commentary, opinion and no factual information.

    AOC is positioned to be another great disappointment like Bernie who said he doesn’t want to be another Ralph Nader.

  4. A little FYI for people who want to blame women for the sex of their children: biological sex is determined by the male, not the female since a female can only contribute one or the other of her X chromosomes to the offspring whereas the male contributes either his X chromosome (resulting in female offspring) or his Y chromosome (resulting in male offspring). Those are the basics of biological sex, which is distinct from gender though.

  5. If Uygur had any integrity he would suspend fund raising for his TYT network for the remainder of the pandemic and its residual effect. But that wouldn't garner him the corporate cash he so craves!

  6. The same people accusing you of being a Trump supporter are the people who cheered on Trump and Bolton when they tried to coup Venezuela. Never stop telling the truth, Jimmy

  7. If AOC won't stand up for M4A when it matters, why would we want to make a president out of her later?

    We're supposed to make someone president because we know they'll take a dive & screw us over for their own personal gain? It's hard to believe that's what we're being told.

  8. 8 years of Obama created this low IQ mentality. Literal bloggers who can write 2 sentences at best, getting paid thousands of dollars to write "articles" in major media outlets. Now they are being exposed for being nothing but illiterate, emotional children with no real take on reality. So they lash out at anything challenging or critical of their corporate overlords. People like this would have been tied up and thrown into a fast moving river in the past.