LUNATIC Biden Pounded by Legacy Media Allies Over His Regime Change Rant

NBC and Salon now join in:

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  1. 0:46 Diplomacy IS BACK!

    I'm just 46 seconds in and Styx probably mention this later in the vid.
    I'm so utterly disgusted by you people. Yes, you. Plucking dust from your belly button. How can we possible allow for this? Really!

  2. And you are not even smart enough to see that this isn't Joe biden. He looks nothing like joe biden.its author Robert's a d list actor with make up and a facial piece.if your gonna call people dumb at least get your head out of your azz.and see its not even the person you think it is and this isn't conspiracy look into it genius. .

  3. Biden reminds me of Herbert Hoover. Same bad policies that wrecked our economy. Same cognitive dissonance. Same apathy towards working class Americans.

  4. i just read One Minute to Midnight again…the best book about the Cuban missile crisis. imagining biden navigating that scenario should TERRIFY EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET!!!!!! lets pray that he doesnt have any REAL control over things…… otherwise – kiss your loved ones today, because you should NEVER UNDERESTIMATE bidens ability to fuck things up

  5. How bad was Biden's off the script gaffe was??
    A few idiots from the Legacy media actual compared Biden's gaffe to Ronald Reagan's off script line "Mr. Gorbachev. Tear down this wall." from Reagan's Berlin speech. They also said Biden's was more powerful than Reagan's. Unfortunately for these nutjobs. Reagan never walked back his statement. Like Biden done.

    That's Biden's supporters [Chris Matthews] "Thrill up my leg" moment.

  6. Does the leadership of the Democrat party have the intestinal fortitude to force this man out of office under the 25th Amendment before he starts WW III??

    As bad as she would be, Cackling Kamala is starting to look like the better option.

  7. If the president of the US confirms 25 years of Russian propaganda… was it really propaganda, or were the Russian's simply stating the obvious?
    As you said yourself, Biden said the quiet part out loud. It is no secret among the more astute observers that the US has been working to contain and weaken Russia since the 1990s. Why is is propaganda when Putin points out the obvious goals and motivations of the US?

  8. Gerald Celente says it's dragflation…..not sure the difference but there is a difference. I'm just a regular person not too bright the economy gives me a headache. 🙄 I do know we are screwed

  9. Russian subscriber here, Styx. You're exactly spot on about Biden admin justifying 20 years of our propaganda in the span of a few "news" articles and a couple of Joe's "speeches". About 10 years ago I had to calm down some of my relatives because they've watched too much of "Big Baddy West hates you and ready to conquer your nation for your valuable resorces and literally everyone outside of Russia is our enemy". Who would've guessed it could become partially true in the future. Our government used to rag on LGBTWhatever and their "MAP" and other scandals even before the West has caught up(I couldn't believe it at the time because it was mainstream propaganda).

  10. Even if you’re a neo-con piece of shit that wants nuclear war with Russia because you think you’d survive in your nuclear bunker—and you don’t care about the 99% that would have no shelter—why would you want to live in a nuclear wasteland? Truly, there would be no quality of life. America would be over and it would be a m nuclear winter. They didn’t think of that? Idiots. This is madness.

  11. If you think the Ukraine is popular with the Russian people you're insane. It is about as popular as the Vietnam war was in the U.S. or worse. A lot of Russians are getting killed. The only thing keeping Russian troops in the Ukraine is officers with guns better known as military discipline.

  12. Think about it. Say this demolition of society and natural culture is a script for another RESET and there are intervening friends. That control will be wrested by demolition of USG and the meek shall inherit the Earth. That media is going along with it to say, hah. Aha see we told you we were truthful and honest. That would be defeat. Instead this is a slow agonizing process so the toptier are actually imploding and scrambling as they see it unfold. They're script pros. They know.

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