Lying Doctor Smears Unvaxxed & Twitter POUNCES!

A self-described doctor on Twitter who goes by the handle @DrSpooky_ER recently tweeted about how many of her unvaccinated patients express surprise when they contract COVID. And when it was pointed out to her in the responses that nearly everyone – vaccinated or not – has by now gotten COVID, the good doctor immediately pivoted and changed the subject to how effective vaccines are at minimizing COVID symptoms.

Jimmy describes the eagerness with which he and countless others on Twitter leapt to correct “Dr. Spooky” in her efforts at misleading and misdirecting.

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  1. Most doctors are simply drug pushers. Very few actually care to find out what's wrong with people, they simply prescribe drugs. Hence my lack of surprise with this story. I'm betting she gets major kickbacks from Pfizer.

  2. I have been sick 3 times since Covid. All 3 times everyone in my house and around the office where I work got sick and tested positive however even though I had the same symptoms as them my Covid tests came up negative. That just seems weird. Of all 3 times I was sick I took a dozen tests by a dr in an office.

  3. well I had a stroke back in January and I was under the care of doctors one doctor prescribed lipitor and paralyzed me cause me great pain in my legs and for 4 weeks nobody said anything because Dr Kylie Scott and Dr Lisa Fragleoni. never looked at my chart and kept me in pain for 4 weeks the occupational therapist told me what was wrong…… Prisma healthcare doctors stink they're a lousy stupid prescribed for defective heart monitors for me Prisma Carolina cardiology so stupid rednecks they blame me for bad heart monitors biotel manufactured the heart monitors for defective
    the medical profession has no integrity none whatsoever and the good doctors will agree with you but the bad doctors need the union the American medical association to back them…..

  4. People like her are usually the ones that are the most unaccepting and judgmental of other peopled would never wanna live in a world surrounded by people like her.

  5. One thing that NO ONE has ever disputed all along the whole thing is that the survival rate is 99.8%, mostly everyone. More people die every single year from cigarette related illnesses but they're still selling cigarettes.

  6. Can you please repost you’re video about EU spokesperson saying 100.000 Ukraine military deaths and 20.000 civilians then editing it? YouTube is making it very hard to find. I can’t find it in your videos and can’t even find it in my video history..

  7. Even saying the jab helps to reduce the severity of symptoms is relative because of the way how they calculate the efficacy is completely skewed and ridiculous. Stupid stuff like how long did someone stay hospitalized for, which is obviously different for every individual whether they're jabbed or not and doesn't prove anything really. They didn't even test how the spike protein interacts with the body and injection site. Now they find that it can make its way into the blood stream through various organs and cause all kinds of auto immune diseases. It's a sick joke how reckless and disingenuous science can be. It's a industry that has been heavily politicized, weaponized, propagndized and radicalized for authorities and corporations that are seeking to gain political or personal benefit.

  8. Elite cultural liberals have consistently demonstrated that they do not have the slightest regard for objective truth . When any of their lofty , condescending , self-anggrandising claims are proven false , they just changed the subject or utter intellectually offensive spin . All of this is done in their desire to appear to still be superior in thought and action . Often they will attempt to laugh off having been proven wrong . They do anything but openly admit that they were wrong and apologise for it . They will jokingly say , ' Well , this ' or ' Well , that ' . Such is the severity of their narcissism and their contempt for genuine truth and honesty . Their point is that they are superior and the masses are not . That due to the fact they are educated , they are automatically superior to those who are not in everyway imaginable . They are the new , self-appointed aristocracy , unanswerable to reality and those below their social station . Being educated should be a humbling experience for the inescapable truth of the result of acquiring genuine knowledge and wisdom is to realise how little you actually know . However , these illiberal , educated elites didn't read that memo . They were too bust looking at themselves in the mirror .

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