Lyman Recaptured: What Exactly Happened There?

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. People who live there saying lot of poles among Ukrainians
    They are killing civilians.
    Today I saw a video how Ukrainian soldiers refuse to do what there commanders order them to do to kill civilians with following words they are not humans they are russians .
    Also they said that last drop was when they saw a woman with new born babe hiding in the basement.

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  4. I think you should have commented more on the value of Lyman as a rail hub. It was a significant victory in 2014 when Kiev dislodged the separatists from the city. It was also a significant victory earlier in the year when it was recaptured by the allied forces. It is again a significant victory that Kiev has recaptured it, though, again, as you suggest, this could be a calculated Russian withdrawal. The question of the conditions the Russians were facing in the city prior to the retreat of Russian forces also requires attention. It is being argued that the fall of Lyman represents a freeze on any potential future Russian advance through the Donbass, as Lyman could be a big logistical blow. I think this situation is actually better understood as a logistical strike than a proper Ukrainian offensive, and they could be stalling. I also want to know how sustainable Kiev's position in Lyman is. Are they well-supplied? Maybe we will see Kiev withdraw, who knows? Then again, it is a five-minute video, so I am probably being too harsh, but the analysis you did give was good.

  5. One of the rules of war is to pick your battlefield. Another is you don't fight when you don't have the advantage. Washington won the American Revolution by constantly retreating and waiting for the right opportunity. Those who fight for glory are dead.

  6. Poor weak-nat0 and it’s allies ONLY win in hollowwood movies and not on the battlefield in real life, Russia 🇷🇺 will come out of this victorious and I can not wait for Russia to retake all its territories that were once part of the former USSR. God bless Russia 🇷🇺 Iran 🇮🇷 Syria 🇸🇾 Venezuelan 🇻🇪 Lebanon 🇱🇧 Palestine 🇵🇸 Yemen 🇾🇪 Iraq 🇮🇶 China 🇨🇳 and the rest of the United States of Resistance 👌🙏👌🙏👌

  7. When is Russia is going to strike back for all the losses. First the humiliation of the failed attack on Kyev. The failed conquering of Donetsk province.The fleeying from the Charkov region. Failed to reach Odessa. Losing ground in the south east at the Cherson region. Now losing the city Lyman

    When is Russia striking back and take over Ukraine?

    When is it enough for Russia and will they deploy their real weapons?

  8. This was a Special Military Operation – Russia were hoping for a peace deal (and it was close in March). Now Russia are actually going to defend Russia – it's war now – they've been left with no choice. (Dot)

  9. The West are only winning the misinformation war as they shut the hell up when Russia makes gains but are partying like mad when Ukraine make minimal/ insignificant gains. This is indeed a multifaceted war that will end with the death of EVERY LAST UKRAINIAN, where upon Russia and the West will divvy out the spoils of a dead nation.


  10. "Lyman is,,, technically Russia now"
    Technically, no. Putin signed an affirmation, and then it will go through a couple of steps in the Duma, then Putin can formalize.
    Yes, perhaps a foregone conclusion, but technically, it isn't.

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