Lynching, Police Brutality, BLM and Defunding the Police: a Contrarian Reality Check.

Some thoughts on defunding the police.


Written by Eric Weinstein

This is channel is constructed as a convenience to those who may have heard me speak or read something I've written and who may have become interested in my thoughts on Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Atheism, Faith and their roles in Science, Radical Approaches to Education, Risk, Longevity, Selection and Biology, Professional Wrestling and other topics. Some thinking from work done by myself while at INETeconomics, Thiel Capital, The Sloan Foundation, Harvard University, MIT, Hebrew University, Oxford University, University of Pennsylvania and the NBER


  1. Those of you confused as to what this "Defund the Police" is about should understand the "Motte and Bailey Strategy" being used. Groups that want to abolish the police talk about the "1033 Program" which highly militarized the police. The ramp up began under the Clinton administration in 1996-7. That is a reaonable area of concern. So why not say "De-militarize the police!" or "Fund the Police at appropriate levels!"? Because the radical activist game is ultimately to stand down the police, weaken the police and open the door to something else as we have seen recently (e.g. Antifa policing Portland Oregon Streets, Evergreen State standing down its campus police in favor of student patrols with baseball bats, etc.). They are counting on normal people not understanding the endgame.
    Look up PDX and Evergreen State. Don't be fooled. Love each other.

  2. Eric should be regarded (and probably is, by most thinking and feeling Americans) as a national treasure. America needs all of us because it is in serious danger, but we especially need Eric for the example of his understanding, his heart and his courage.

  3. The Democrat strategy for "winning" in November is a multi-step process. First they want to destroy the economy with massive over-reaction to the CCP virus. Second, they're fomenting crime and chaos in the streets by directing their terrorist goon squads to loot and riot, while at the same time releasing tens of thousands of criminals from prison. They're also working hard defund the police, with the aim of removing and neutralizing the only significant armed opposition to their power grab. Once that's accomplished they'll use the massive chaos they themselves created as justification for setting up new "public safety" squads, which of course will be staffed by heavily armed goons loyal only to them.

    And finally, they want to destroy the integrity of the election process with mass mail in ballots so they can try to steal the election through ballot harvesting and other shady tactics. And if they can't steal enough votes, they'll use their allies in mainstream media to throw doubt on the election results, which will be easy because the whole process will inevitably be a massive cluster f*ck. Of course, if the Democrats do manage to steal enough votes to win, then their corrupt allies in the press will obediently say mail in balloting worked great. Move on, nothing to see here citizen.

    The allied factions of radical leftists, deeply corrupt politicians, and globalist interests infecting the Democratic party have stepped way over the line, moving from traditional political "dirty tricks" into open sedition and rebellion, which makes them traitors. I do not say this lightly, because the implications are so serious it could actually mean the end of our country if they are not stopped. More than ever we need President Trump to be re-elected in 2020, and just as importantly, we need a Republican majority in the House and the Senate!

    Wake up people! The far left is not as disorganized as it appears. They have a long-term, multi-step plan and they are executing it. If we continue to let them get away with it, eventually they will be executing us.

  4. I think he got caught up in the feelings of his heritage while telling black people not to get caught up in their feelings… i've seen this man also talk about needing to say that in order to install a new system, you have to completely dismantle the current one… the majority of defunding is talking about building a new system (this can mean extensive training, extensive psychological testing, demilitarization!!! Oh and pensions of known white supremacist… there's so many things to cut and change!!!)… So i'd say Eric wasn't controlling his emotions and not fully grasping what is being proposed… That isn't to say a lot of what he said doesn't hold weight. The idea of emotional reasoning while simultaneously intellectually reason is something we all must constantly check ourselves on… even you, Eric

  5. First of all it matters what color u are .
    What matters looting destroying innocent people and children that have been murdered past few months how justifiable.
    So ur talken garbage millions have died after slavery ended.
    Defending police is the solution that will cause police looking the other way.
    This happened before twice by other names .
    70s is repeating itself and know how that turn out.
    This what happening now is not even close.
    People don't even know history.
    The past is past we moved on we made new rights bills but we going backwards.

  6. The majority of America does not want to abolish the police. When we say defund the police we mean stop using so much of our money to continue militarizing police officers so they can run around with AR’s and military style Humvee’s so they can play storm trooper with little training

  7. I actually get this. I'm a radical independent. A racist in recovery. And at least an amateur critical thinkers. This has been looking off to me too. Made the mistake of asking a question on FB & got flamed. I have also marched for BLM, Pride, etc. My only sin I can see is not having emotional group think. I fear things are going to get real ugly. Makes me cry when I can't see wisdom in the mobs.

  8. Gene Sharp wrote From dictatorship to Democracy. Gene Sharp was funded by the CIA. I wonder if GS believed that the cost of the unrighteous regime changes was worth it tho have everyone understand the methodology of less violent revolutions and regime changes.

  9. Eric: As a Brit from the Cotswolds living in the US I've been telling people for some 20-25 years that the USA has, oddly, compared to western Europe for instance, decided to build their residences out of sh*t and sooner more than later this single choice is going to mean something…big. I've stated the meaning that the houses are now worth zero in the cities meant…something…big….possibly….the end of America somehow. I had no American takers. NO one got it. For me, they are unlivable. Completely devoid of dignity for the only reason of what they are built out of. Shit. It;s what they become over time. Wafer thin Wood studs/drywall, siding, plastic siding even, 30 year 'shingles' = Worthless soon. And they are. and those in them, the American cities, are going to have to find a way to extract themselves from them. It's not rascism that all the whites left for the burbs. But only they could. Whites evaporated out of the city neighbourhoods and into the burbs concentrating blacks into geographic areas of the 3rd world within the first world nation. Setting the stage for despair, dissolution, delapidation, depression, violence, and amortization of their primary investment to zero, and now…revolution. It's not rascism they find themselves in this situation…'s market forces..I think. RSVP. I believe this single issue is part of the issue you've been talking about. Let me know you at least read it so I can relax knowing i've delivered it to someone with a brain. Call me if you want to discuss further or FB me. I've more to say.