Macron ATTACKS European Countries For Opposing EU Supremacy

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Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


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  1. It's about the other EU took back It's power's because France 🇫🇷 the Germany 🇩🇪 with the EU ursula von der leyen🇩🇪can't sort out this It's too big too much control and interference.

  2. Macron takes orders from the rothschilds and Swiss/Monaco dynasties of wealth… If billionaires are worried about inflation due to war macron would let Russia do whatever it wanted as long as inflation and business favor elites. Recently the french petrol companies made record profit "because putin invaded russia"?? no because worldwide energy people thought it was a good time to swindle the plebs for energy under the cover of a war.

  3. The Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft – Berlin 1942 comprises 9 papers on the creation of the "European Economic Community" and is a 'blueprint' of current EU thinking.
    Nation states must be subservient to the Community which is to be managed by a non-elected group for the benefit of the Community…

  4. I do NOT agree with Truss statement on Russia, she is playing to the WEF and putting our country at the forefront against Russia. NATO has a lot to answer for as it was their behaviour that caused the problems in the first place. Now Russia has joined forces with China and its going to get a whole lot worse. Great!

  5. The entire sum of human knowledge is close to people's finger tips, instead it's been carefuly curated down to a clownworld kaleidoscope of favoured adverts, and people wonder why the world is going mad. All while demands that more clownpaint and digital crayon books are pumped out, disguised as the distilled wisdom of humanity tried to convince people that of things like ignorance is strength.

    It is any wonder there is a level of mistrust when it seems so well deserved, as that make up of spun BS always runs over time, leaving the truth for all to see, if only they kept an eye on it for long enough?

  6. Micron is a controlling, arrogant, elitist autocrat. That’s not a problem for Brussels – they like that and his French chic – but he’s a growing problem for the EU and the hitherto stealth implementation of its totalitarian project.
    Who knows, maybe citizens of other vassal members will start to wake up and smell the roses on the rotting corpses of their once proud nation states – too late, of course, to do anything about it except protest on their streets, but pretty soon the EU will have their own stormtroopers to deal with that…

  7. Don’t forget Macron tried to cosy up to Putin and saw himself as a link in the crisis. All he was doing was befriending Putin to prevent France getting hit in any retaliation

  8. Just France being France, Macron has no real idea as they are 2000 miles from the fighting and that unless France takes a lead in the fight they will become marginalised, just ignore the idiot.

  9. All politicians treat people as idiots who are not intelligent enough to understand governance. Except of course in elections when they ARE intelligent enough to vote said politicians into governance. Unfortunately the EU dictators are unelected and unstoppable.

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