Macron Begs for Oil in Algeria, Gets Humiliated

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. I still can't believe how stupid the European leaders have become, its absolutely mind boggling. We all know what it's about and wish they could be fired on the spot.
    In the old days imperialists decided where borders should be without taking the people into concideration.

  3. Quite frankly, I happy to see these dictators get hung out to dry…
    They have NO CLUE what suffering is like, when all they do is grow up isolated in their ivory towers…
    For years, they had every opportunity to make amends, to prepare for the day when they might desperately need something fro Algeria, but they squander these chances.
    So now that Macron is desperate for Oil, the tell him to "Go fuck yourself..!"" This is poetic and economic justice…
    I say, now's your chance to cut them off from their addiction, and squeeze France and other countries good… Don't give them a drop, let them suffer…

  4. No gaz for France means that algerian french wont have heat and what are they like 20%. De gaule left algeria and took millions of immigrants in exchange algeria needed to resume trade… they give gaz and get finished goods from france… its not cuz of the war in ukraine its the new reality multi polar world and france wants to be one of these pole and are in goodposition to be… algeria boumedienne was head of non aligned countries… encoule i heard and it doesnt f you…

  5. What most also don't know is that much of the 19th Century Race Theories and Eugenics were made by French well before Nazis, they were always an Extremely Racist and in this Case Anti Muslim Nation, this is also seen today even after France having the Largest Muslim Population in Western Europe, making 10% of the Population they are also very Marginalised and live as Dregs of the Society and worse being a Practising Muslim in France could get you Arrested under "Anti Separatism" Laws as well as deported, this happened to an African Imam in France who committed the crime of Reciting the Quran one day no joke.

  6. As an Algerian I say you summed up the bloody history very well. specially the massacres of VE Day. While France was celebrating the defeat of Nazi Germany , they were massacring innocent Algerians civilians because they peacefully went out to the streets demanding their independence. It’s sad to see today that the inventors of the guillotine are still butt hurt they lost Algeria. But the French didn’t list Algeria completely, they left behind a gang of corrupt servants, they that have infiltrated every level of the Algerian government. And the turn out in the last presidential election speaks volume on the Anger of the people.

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