Macron To Priti: Pay Us £30m Or I won’t Stop Migrant Boats

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Macron To Priti: Pay Us £30m Or I won’t Stop Migrant Boats

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Put signs up in France warning them they will be returned immediately without question.don't give macron (another penny)and tell the EU the money for this will come out of the brexit bill

  2. Macron demands 30 Million…isnt that a protection racket…remember France we saved your ass twice in both world wars and beat Napoleon…dont mess with us

  3. Priti ort to reply to macaroni you give us 30 billion for sending your illegal immigrants back in 1945 short memory syndrome seems to be common in france these days

  4. NO PROBLEM . Inform the EU that the U.K. is going to deduct all expense incurred in looking after Illegal Immigrants entering the U.K. from any EU member country,and it is up to the EU to sort out any member country responsible for not controlling migrants crossing into the U.K. The money Will be deducted from our final divorce bill from EU. !!!!

  5. £100,000,000 given to the French to do the complete opposite of what the money was paid for! This stinks. Where does this huge amount of money come from when the government is always bleating there is no money in the public purse for the NHS, for education, for old age pensions, for transport…….. yet there are billions of pounds to ‘give away’ overseas, and to house, feed and entertain illegal immigrants in luxury hotels all around the country… secret!

  6. 17/08/20 Mahyar you should stop supporting this failed government and Team up with Nigel!!! So what has Priti and the Home Office done?
    1) Paid the French another £30 million to do nothing (well the UK homeless, NHS, UK Charities etc don't need the money do they!)
    2) Continue to give work to their mates in SERCO (even in Priti's own constituency – on the quiet of course so not to upset the voters who put her in parliament)
    It's about time this Government comes clean, it has lied and cheated into power, it really doesn't want a genuine break from the EU and it likes the COVID crisis as it means they can do virtually what they like and nothing is "their fault"….UTTERLY PATHETIC!

  7. ? COMMON LAW, the law commands that we send anyone whom crosses the channel from France, without valid documentation back to France, as they are illegal Trespassers,, 'unless they are escaping from TORTURE in FRANCE',,

  8. Coudenhove kalergi plan replacement of the ENGLISH using immagration as a weapon winston churchill the zionist received the charlemagne prize it's a 50 yr old plan that nobody is allowed to stop goverment and councils are implementing it…who gets the prize this year I wonder

  9. On the basis you cant force people back to France without the French allowing it. What is your solution??? Plus refugees are allowed to enter countries illegally to claim asylum under international law.