Macron vs Islam

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Written by Akkad Daily

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  1. Macron was criticizing radical Islam and terrorism, not even just Islam on its own. Yet, leaders of the Islamic world got offended by it. I guess, if the shoe fits…

    And that really shows you all you need to see, right? Islamic leaders didn't get offended at the barbarism that an extremist displayed, the disrespect somebody had for the laws and customs for their home country, they were completely cold to the murder and beheading of an innocent man in the name of their religion. But denouncing such actions? Oh no. No, that's too far.

    "Religion of peace".

  2. as a french, i feeel like we are just punish to do what we always do. i'll stand my ground, i'll laught to any gods in what i consider respectful and not harassement. I don't care if you are offended, i'll do it to yours like everyone else.

    PS : your joke on france and Macron are really funny btw

  3. that imam spoke the truth,it is the west that is in trouble,not them..and it began with with the decline in our faith and values and our general motivation to defend what is ours,we allowed ourselves to be conquered through mere words and we are suffering now for it

  4. LMAO you feel afraid? Of course you feel afraid, you should all feel afraid. You and everything you know is going to disappear because you refuse to do what must be done in order to preserve your countries and your cultures. Because instead of doing the "morally correct" thing of taking away your women's rights and forcing them to go back to their jobs of having children, because it violates you stupid values of equality… Well guess what??? This is the natural conclusion to giving women equality. This is what it costs to maintain the illusion of equality… The death and subsequent replacement of your culture… I hope your proud. I hope that when your son or daughter has to convert to Islam because if not they will be put to death or live as a second class citizen, know that it's your fault, you let this happen. You and your people allowed this to happen because you didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings… How pathetic the proud European is dying on the principal of equality… How laughable.

  5. The hostile takeover is real, one day we can't speak because they're offended next time, we can't vote because they control the majority, and then the Western way of living falls, Crusades need to return at this rate.

  6. I dont get what you dont get. The law clearly states the for offending the Prophet the only punishment is death. Everyone knows it, no one can say , oh I thought free speech is a free card to not get punished. Sure sometimes people aren't in sync, what is offensive and that is how we get worse or splits , often overlapping people own pockets more , the actual law. But on this everyone is in 100% agreement, and it is a big thing to get a turk, Pakistani, Chechen, arab and Persian to agree on something. So next time dont do stuff that makes faithful people have to kill you. You are living on borrowed time anyway, when Gods kingdom envelops the earth and majority of people are Sunni, you are going to follow the law anyway. Why not be nice now and learn how to coexist in peace , and not pay for all the offences in the future and get wiped out?