Macrons Authoritarian Party Loses its Majority: A Weimar Foreshock?


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  1. I genuinely dont understand why the French keep electing Macron. What progress or policies has he ever offered? It makes no sense politically or even in utility. Can someone explain?

  2. 'Limitless welfare like the British do'… man you make some comments every now and again which totally put you in the 'ignorant and loudly opiniated yank' box. 'limitless welfare' shows you actually know nothing about the Welfare systems in Western Europe, particularly the UK.

  3. A vast swathe of French are comfortable white middle class petit bourgeoisie…these ppl control France and protect their interests from generation to generation. Their children vote left and then move to Macron types as they age.

  4. The French Republic is a peculiar Mix between a Presidential and a Parliamentary System. As long as the Presidents Party holds the Mojority it's quite presidential, similar to the US. Otherwise it's parliamentary, much like the UK.
    So it's likely that Macron will be sidelined and becomes a Figurehead of State.

  5. German welfare is much more restrictive than in most European countries.
    Also WTF are you comparing Weimar to American politics? There was no "conservatives" vs "liberal democrats" but the center was catholics vs classical liberal vs social democrats vs protestantant conservatives.

  6. Don't know if this is true, but apparently Macron has to choose Le Pen as his prime minister?

    Edit: This might also mean they finally back off of Russia and tell NATO (the US) to eat it.

  7. There’s more good people than bad folks in this world. People are watching what’s taking place in America and are sick of control freaks. They are now burnt toast. Good riddance DemonRats

  8. My guess is Macron and his party will form a coalition with the leftovers of the Socialists and the Communists, remember Macron was the Finance Minister of the last Socialist government who so damaged France economically and socially, his whole party are just refugees from the Socialist Party that wanted to have a political future so they jumped ship on the Socialist Party. La Pen's Party is also the biggest political threat to Macron so that is another reason he will side with the Commies.

  9. There is still plenty of people in Europe that think lockdown was the right way. Its probobly not a majority any more, but i would say its probobly 20-30%.

    There are even people in Sweden thinking lockdown would have been right

  10. Despite Marine Le Pen's obvious political know how and her popularity within her party it is time for her to step aside as leader. The majority of French centrist voters STILL can't get past her family history. It is a bit like Trump. Even though he has undoubted ability to make things happen people can't get past his personality.
    Perhaps it is time to welcome our AI overlords to take charge of politics,

  11. Seems like he has been awarded. Or maybe news are distorting the truth and he is a great president? I recall he used the police as a way to force the yellow vests to not use their right to protest, he gave French citizenship to a migrant for supposedly saving a baby but seemed staged, the burn and mockery by Mulsim migrants of Notre Dame. I don't say Muslims are bad persons, but the precise individuals that cheered it I suspect they consider the nation of France as an enemy. Anyway, vive le progrès 🤔

  12. I've been saying for years that what's currently going on politically reminds me odd Weimar Germany. What really triggered that realization in my mind was when I watched Babylon Berlin on Netflix. The similarities between what happens in that show and current events were eerily similar.

  13. When people say "centrist" I never know if they mean "opportunist" or "establishment".

    Because I feel I'm a radical centrist who resents when I hear someone like HRC being called a "centrist".

    Anyway, great analysis.

  14. Macron is the single biggest traitor in France by using African immigrants and White Communists as a power block to keep him installed in office while the normal naive people there suffer..

  15. Fascists are centrists. Being extreme does not make someone far right. Far right means no government and no taxes. It is libertarianism. Stop letting leftists redefine things.

  16. I blame the Communist Left for the rise of Hitler. They couldn't moderate and went way far to the extreme left which made the right more extreme and in the end the right won out and killed everybody. I see a repeat of this coming ahead soon but it will be far more bloodier.

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