Maddie de Garay and other injuries (Lydia McGrew & Bret Weinstein)

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Dr Lydia McGrew is an expert in philosophical epistemology. She discusses with Bret how one can determine what is true about the Covid Vaccines and what results from them.

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  1. Perhaps you could do a show on the insanity of those people that don’t trust the companies making the cov vaccines but yet do trust those same companies if they make other vaccines. It’s like trusting a rapist around your wife because he has never raped your wife before, he has only raped your neighbors wives. Complete mental illness.

  2. Don’t you think vaccines are a perversity against nature and what’s natural?
    Most things man creates has problems and adverse effects on people, animals, and the planet.
    There is always a price to 💰 price to pay… and, maybe THAT is reason because man’s system is ALL about MONEY.

    We need to remember we are organic organisms and an artificial/synthetic environment is not the answer, in my humble opinion.

  3. I do not understand people who volunteer their iown childten for medical experiments on the alter of scientism religious fanatism for something still called experimental in adults. Also children cannot consent. Harsh yes, but also true.

  4. Johnson and Johnson 9/3/21. The next day, I got a tingle in my arm, leg, and face. Over the next week, I developed muscle spasms, numbness, rashes, itching, hot and cold body temp. It's been 4 months, I have headaches, tingling, muscle spasms, numbness, and heart pain. My heart squeezes, stings, beats hard, and other terrifying things. I regret my decision every single day. I was going to look for work 2 days after my shot, but it's been 4 months and I can't work. A month after, covid hit my household. All my symptoms came back stronger! Thank God I had ivm and was over it in three days. Everyone took 3 weeks. Now, covid is back in my house, probably Omicron, and I am taking Ivm. I was planning to use it to try and test my vac injury, but now I am taking it to treat covid. I am living in a nightmare and I've been as low as you can go. Im in online groups for support, they've all gone through this, some worse.

  5. if this happens there wont be a hole deep enough for these mandating this shit!! an angry mob of people who believe their loved onez have been injured or died from this is a scary concept!!

  6. Bret erroneously equates Maddie as a “fallen soldier.” All she is is a victim of ignorant parents. We all know that our government, vaccine manufacturers, and the WHO has been lying to us from the beginning of this pandemic. Why would any sane, loving parent allow their child, much less children, participate in the trial? Bret should be interviewing the parents.

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