Maddow Beclowns Herself On Russiagate AGAIN

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  1. Look at the comments section of any WaPo article talking about the now debunked Russian collusion story. Their readers are so deluded that they refuse to accept reality: that they were lied to for years so they desperately cling to that lie. That's what the mainstream media has done to people.

  2. Maddow isn't upset because I'm sure she knew all along she was spewing lies. Her audience thinks she only speaks the truth so she has nothing to worry about.

  3. Professional wrestling can be a valid art/entertainment form, but the game is rigged. Awareness of the rigging makes it more interesting. If you think all the drama is for real, well…And a lot of politics is like that! These Russiagate bozos and other ruling class hacks are devoting most of their life-force to ingoring/distracting from, the rigging, and it's consequences.

  4. You two are the best of the best. Everyone who believed one word of this scheme should be made to sit and watch this episode over and over until they get it into their thick skulls what transpired. Great job, gentlemen

  5. Maddow is truly an evil person. She knows the Russian hoax is all bullshit, but can’t come clean and say……President Trump, I was wrong for 4 years, you were right, please except my apology. I will try to do better from now on……what is so hard about saying that??????

  6. Trump, Clibtons.. They are on the same boat and their aim is polarizing the people of USA. She will run again when another 4 years of social media lobotomy exercise and MSM lies takes grip on the next gen

  7. This guy could get caught in the act cheating on his partner and spin it into something noble. These people are top level propagandists. Propaganda works very well. Nazi Germany had a 96% participation rate, after all.

  8. The collectivist left don't mind being lied to or even lying themselves if it serves their cause. The problem isn't Rachel Maddow. The problem is that she can lie on a news platform (full of "sparkling stories" or not), be proven to have deliberately lied, and yet her audience still watches.

  9. The real implications of this should be "huge" no one that really needs to go to jail for this will go and this will all be swept under a rug. Every single person that works for the Government that has become a " millionaire" should be investigated and jailed regardless of what "party" you are in.

  10. I hate all this corruption but it never seems to get better and the really corrupt big wigs never get held to account even when there's plenty of proof and they could convict. I hate the fact that Struk was never prosecuted even though he was a corrupt cop who abused his power n position and then after getting fired and losing his benefits which was his only punishment the swamp dwellers wait a little while and then give him back all the benefits so he got away without punishment with lying and using his position to persecuting others and ruin their lives for his own purposes. Clinton was never charged, the Media continue to lie, the corrupt intelligence leaders etc, so how can anything improve and what stops the same folks doing it again or instilling this corrupt culture in those they promote into their top positions?

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