Maddow’s OUTRAGEOUS Defense Of Russiagate Coverage | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar scorch MSNBC primetime anchor Rachel Maddow for defending the way she covered the Russiagate scandal and false information surrounding it

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Bradley P. Moss:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. I think it’s cute how you guys frame what Rachel did as “screw ups” as opposed to what it actually was which is intentional, purposeful lying. Stop treating this woman as if she is some kind of journalist. She is a paid propagandist shill.

  2. I voted for George W. Bush and that probably was a mistake. However, I have always considered George W. Bush to be a draft dodger, just like Clinton, except because he had a powerful father, he did it legally. I always resented him for that.

  3. It’s all in the language to manipulate people. “…briefed Trump and briefed President Obama.” It’s a whole bunch of not my president bullshit. A lot of people did the same thing to Obama it just wasn’t really pushed by the institutions anything like it was with Trump.

    They were talking about impeaching Trump not only on the day he was elected but the plans go back even before that. Since the Russia hoax blew up in their faces, I’m sure they’ve deleted a lot of old articles silently but I’ll bet you can still find stuff.

    Not only did Trump fans and, those who are anti-establishment like myself, not actually get a fair shake at some version of what they wanted as opposed to the status quo, all of the big accusations made against Trump were simply priming their base to ignore it when it comes out that they actually did those things because they can simply claim the others got away with it and their followers will believe it.

    Qanon is on the fringes of the right but Bluanon is the mainstream left.

  4. Well economically Rachal falls within Bernie's, "da 1%". I bet NONE, ZERO, not a one of those soon to be hired 87K IRS agents will look into her. Nope, they will be the new strong arm of the DC establishment to keep the rest of us in line. Thank You to everyone that voted for this silliness. None of it was hidden, it was all predictable and 81 million voted for this clown show. Dont think you are safe, soon the republicans will be in charge and YOU just gave them 87K IRS agents. We get what we deserve, but hey no mean tweets right?

  5. Didn't like 5 people go to prison as a result of the Mueller report? You act like because there's no smoking gun that everything she ever said was wrong somehow. Apologize to her viewers? For what? She doesn't have a crystal ball (sorry). Why is the level of expectation so high on her when her counterparts on other networks not only get facts wrong on a minute to minute basis, but intentionally lead their viewers astray every single night? I'm not saying she was or wasn't right about any of it, I'm saying the expectation for one person is drastically different than the others. Why?

  6. So Krystal is saying that Russia gate is true, but because Rachel reported and ran with the fake dossier, the same one that allowed the warrants for spying on Trump to be issued, it discredits her?

  7. Krystal still confidently asserts that the Trump campaign would have colluded with Russia if it would have helped them, without any evidence whatsoever. Just remember the that Breaking Points has its own Rachel Maddow while they sit there and criticize.

  8. The RussiaGate lie was used to make people hate Putin so much they would accept another proxy war between the US & Russia no matter how many Ukrainians are slaughtered!

  9. Even a 30 second clip of this woman talking is really hard to watch. Is she really a big star among democrat viewers? That's crazy to me, LOL.

    Put her extreme political views aside. Just her style of speaking is freaking weird and overly dramatic.

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