Madeline Mccann suspect looked like who now?

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Written by Gordon Dimmack


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  1. thatsa sketh though therenot allways completly acurate it does look like her almost a dead ringer but then there is probely a lot of other who fit as well how many women look simlar to her theres probely a fair few you couldent conict somone on that evedence i doubt you could een chardge them im going to share this anyway

  2. Wow! consider that this might be true, do you think it will be investigated? I'm surprised the powers-that-be aren't already on this as a welcome deflection for nonce Andrew.

  3. I recall it and acknowledged it when happened and have said so repeatedly… The latter were thought to have stayed at a very wealthy man's home there.

  4. Id bought the Podesta connection up years ago , The Maxwell one is new to me but the Podesta one is fact , They were staying at a Lodge down the beach – No one even questioned them about it = Dead ringers , ALL & we know about the Podesta connections to kids .

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