“MAGA is Fascism” and Other Hilarious Jokes You Can Tell Yourself

Nobody comparing 80s-esque populist policies with fascism knows what the hell they’re talking about.

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#MAGA #Fascism


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  1. I think the best example was when everybody gave Trump shit for dumping the fish food into the koi pond when visiting with the Prime Minister of Japan, like he was just a rude, ignorant clod. When you finally saw the un-edited footage, it turned out he did it because the Prime minister did it first.

  2. "MAGA IS FASCIST" coming from the loons who want to ban your gas car, nationalize your healthcare, segregate your schools, and indocrtinate your children!

    And if you question them on their so called "progressive" ideals…. Out comes the blackshirts "SHUTUP FASCIST BIGOT!" as they beat you in the head with poop bottle trunchions!

  3. You are so brilliant and a joy to listen to. Hi to Elizabeth and your child. Btw, I heard Stefan Molyneux say in a recent discussion with listeners podcast, when asked by participating l listeners if he is still in touch with you, that he'd love to say congrats on your becoming a dad but he is not sure how to get in touch with you, and then asked his listeners for how to get in touch with you if any of them knew.

  4. They want to judge people based upon immutable characteristics, they want the government to be sacred and have the right to eliminate those they deem deplorable or undesirable, they want you to do as they say or be crushed… but you are the fascist because you want everyone to be free to choose for themselves how to live their best life

  5. almost …. maga is biocidal fascism … and to not commit the sin of burnin frakgas this winter i offer my dutch home to equivalent value russian property. if people like you would help kick of a dissident exchange campaign and program we'd finallly get a front, end and bottom line, deadly to cross if you cross it wrong, but potentially an ethics clean up and toxku .. no not twuko, toxku cucktoxCULTsure excape valve to begin relieving pressures from the old shulscool toxmale fronts … seeding the toxicity for more 'progressivism' than we now fear possible despite the now winning hand's intentions.

  6. Will you all stop pussyfooting around the glaringly obvious truth in all of this. When they say 'fascist' what they mean is white people with an in-group preference.

  7. What you said is true, but you forget one thing: the average dumb leftist isn't able to absorb this information because he's been raised wrong, generally either by teenage babysitters or the Internet because his parents were too busy being self-important, and then educated wrong by communists in the schools, arguably the dumbest Communists around, who are STILL mad the Soviet Union fell.

  8. Can anyone really say what negatives MAGA-FASH would have?
    A secularist America that doesn’t dump billions in aid, doesn’t fight for oil and Israel, prevents illegal immigrants, and doesn’t tolerate deviation from the constitution?
    An America that crushes communism, and any other attempts to take rights away from American citizens?

    This is bad?

  9. They played this line back in 2015/16 as well. Many pointed out that MAGA and variations of it have been used by previous (successful) election campaigns, like Reagan. Of course, Reagan would be considered a "fascist" by today's proto-communist standards.

  10. Trump's first big fuckup was making Sessions AG without consideration for who will replace him in the Senate. Trump saddled himself with a weak AG and lost a reliable supporter in the Senate — and a valuable seat that would have helped overcome the thin margin of support Trump had in the chamber (McCain traitorously stabbed Trump in the back over ACA despite himself having campaigned against it).

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