Magistrate Reinhart’s RIDICULOUSLY Redacted Affidavit & the DEBACLE of the Trump Raid – Viva Clips

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  1. When you declassify documents as a President, that the deep state does Not want declassified , they will stop at nothing to make sure those documents stay out of reach of the public. The raid was nothing more than a desperate attempt by the criminals in government to cover up their crimes and loose ends exposing those crimes.

  2. How can the public make sure we get the laws enforced? Our justice dept is corrupt. How can we get elections secured ? How do we get media to report accurate information without a slant?

  3. They aren't after records and they aren't after Trump. They want communications records and documents to see who is aiding him with the intent to isolate. They will use the overbroad grab to IRS audit anyone mentioned in the records. Set up wiretaps, threaten children ala General Flynn etc. Trump is powerless as an individual if he can't have good support.

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  5. I can't believe that there isn't more outrage over the use of a Magistrate. They can't even handle felonies. In civil or misdemeanor crime cases the defendant can refuse them and insist on a "real" judge. Yeah, they are allowed to do subpoenas and search warrants, but this is a former POTUS, the highest profile search warrant in US history. And this particular magistrate has a negative history with Trump, to put it lightly.

  6. Apparently all the redacted parts covered the list of dresses they removed from Melania's wardrobe! …the bosses wanted to wear them at the FBI end of summer gala.

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