Mail In Ballots Are B.S. – A Rant

Because who wouldn’t want to trust the electoral process to the guys who can’t mail you a dish without shattering your china?

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. Bet ya'll below wouldn't be questioning the USPS morality if they endorsed donald trump. Mail in ballots good if it gets fuhrer-god-king-supreme trump re-elected, bad if bland azz biden wins is what I'm hearing from you. I tried giving republicans a fair listen but all I hear from most of you is the democrats are cheating while we blatantly see trump, mcconnell and attorney general barr setting the stage for cheating. Rules for thee, not for conservatives.

  2. I was wondering how that liberal won in AZ. I’m confused on how mcsally is in office though.
    My republican voters id is on the fridge waiting for Election Day

  3. If Trump doesn't do anything to stop this obviously fraudulent mail-in ballot scheme, Trump deserves to lose in November. These people aren't even trying to hide their intent to swipe this election right out from under him regardless of his chances of victory. They've even got Twitter and Facebook saying they'll stop Trump from declaring victory on their platform until the mail-in ballots come in and the "real" winner is revealed. No stopping Biden, though, only Trump… What a load of crap. If this were a free, fair and secure election, I have little doubt Trump will clean house, but if they're gearing to pull the kind of unprecedented scam they're so obviously telegraphing, I'm not very confident that Trump can win this unless he just completely takes that card out of their deck before election day. Get rid of this fraud before it's too late to stop it.

  4. Do what Neon Revolt said. Everyone Mail 5-10 things everyday through the election. That will add up to billions of pieces of mail if enough do it. This will completely shut down the Mail system for months to come not affording them the time to cheat

  5. The fact that they're trying and succeeding in some states to revoke signature verification should tell you they don't give a fuck if mail in ballots are safe and secure. The Dems are going to cheat as much as possible to get their scumbag piece of shit candidates through

  6. I remember that. You could see it in the numbers, an election that had gone consistently within 3 points throughout the entire night, suddenly broke almost 100% for Sinema, which is mathematically impossible, to an extreme degree.

  7. Holy crap
    The rona lockdowns all make so much more sense
    Destroy the country, win the vote through fraud because polling places will be 'dangerous' (careful, you might catch a cold!)

  8. Just so you know dude got a warning when I tried to watch your video. Saying this may not be appropriate for all users. No idea why the fuck that came up just thought I’d let yah know.

  9. One day somebody is going to have a history class about a man named "razorfist" who was one of the most prolific and more importantly accurate political commentators of his time.

    He also reviewed video games, comics and music. Next week we learn about cicero.