Mail in Voter Fraud CONFIRMED But Democrats DENY And Lie Even As 1 Million Votes Compromised

Mail in Voter Fraud CONFIRMED But Democrats DENY And Lie Even As 1 Million Votes Discounted. Numerous stories of impropriety and inaccuracy weren’t enough but now we actually have 1,000 confirmed instances of double voting in Georgia.

How many stories do we need that show mail in voting is completely broken? In one story a rental truck was seen dumping mail into a parking lot and apparently they did this more than one.

According to the New York Times more than one million ballots arrived late which means they very likely will not be counted. In Georgia, even in the face of overt fraud, Democrats insist it is rare.

But at this point the idea that mail in voter fraud is rare is an opinion based on your understanding of “rare.” If it happens in every election is it rare or is it confirmed?

Trump should focus on inaccuracy instead of fraud as it is hard to prove intent.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Of course they intend to cheat. They tested it, they've been open about it. Just as they intended to crash the economy. Just as they intended to burn the forests in the west ….

  2. Maybe they're not trying to cheat by making Joe win through fake ballots in their favor. Maybe they're trying to cheat by targeting their own demographic to help him lose in order to cry foul and break the vote, get Pelosi in as president, etc. like you say.
    Also, if they're using mail in ballots to foul the presidential vote, wouldn't that foul the congress/senate votes as well, preventing/delaying the republicans from taking over the house?

  3. Years ago, I sent my mom a birthday card and a piece of jewelry in the mail. It arrived sans jewelry, clearly tampered with. I never got anywhere with it trying to talk to the post office, their fraud dept, etc.

  4. The Nazi socailst Democrats want to reimagine the police how about we reimagine the Nazi socailst Democrats Congress vote all the Nazi socailst Democrats out of office across America and especially the district attorney's and save our country take it back vote all the Nazi socailst Democrats out across America today

  5. For God sake vote all the Nazi socailst Democrats out of your towns and city's get them out of your school board and city council they have brain washed your kids and if you don't think so look at your kids destroying city's and killings baby's across America these are your kids on the streets wanting a socialist America they learned this in school

  6. As someone who works for a postal service, I do not trust mail in voting to reliably get my ballet to where it needs to go. It’s incredibly rare for us to have a day where 100% of packages get loaded properly, it usually is a bit over 99%, but it isn’t rare for it to go below that either.

  7. Help make the post office fail. Everyone dump extra mail into the post office mail boxes. Pull out all the postage paid advertisements from magazines. Drop several "thinking of you" cards to your family and friends. If the democrats want to cheat, then overwhelm the system and turn the post office into a huge dumpster fire!

  8. If the Dems can delay elections results, with these mail in shinanigains, till after Inauguration Day, wouldn’t the secession act of 1942 make the speaker of the house the acting President?

  9. Aren’t a lot of the mass evacuations due to fire in republican districts? How are they supposed to vote if their residents has burned down, or they can’t access their mail? I tend not to believe in conspiracies but isn’t that convenient?

  10. Tim Pool, the reason the Left don't see the article about mail being dumped in the parking lot is……… WILLFUL IGNORANCE. They see it and IGNORE it because it doesn't fit their narrative. They do this with anything and everything. They practice some seriously twisted, mental gymnastics. Every day, every subject. THAT is why Liberalism is a mental disease.