Main Stream Media’s Energy “Plan” Will Leave You Speechless…

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  1. I think most of the main stream media people writing these articles are all recent college grads. The media has lost tons of money and cannot pay for experience anymore.

  2. The real and correct solution to the problems of today are to abolish all government agencies and programs that are not directly protecting each individuals right to life liberty and legitimately acquired property, require 100% reserve rates for banks, abolish the Federal Reserve and encourage all high-school kids to begin studying the philosophies of Aristotle and Ayn Rand. For those who work for the government or are recipients of government entitlements, tough luck! You should never have put your eggs in that basket to begin with! Anything less than that forget it! You're an appeaser and a cowardly compromiser of principles and ethics and deserve this Weimar soon to become nazi style dictatorship

  3. The big energy is essential, silicon valley is not,I grew up with landlines and 3 channels on TV and it worked fine.The big oil actually makes a product out of oil into gasoline ⛽️ and I look around at all the cars just in The Sacramento area and it's amazing there is enough gas on a regular basis to fuel all these cars .

  4. Does it help knowing doom is unavoidable and, since the masses have been irrevocably indoctrinated by the media, there is nothing that can be done by words or elections to stop it? The coming Revolution in Brazil shows the proper response to a Leftist takeover.

  5. You have to wonder if Musk has been a Globalist henchman all along. Remember his success was based on getting an abandoned GM/TOYOTA plant for pennies on the dollar. Then the green Fed and CA government gave big EV rebates and carpool access as a promotional tool. And EV owners didn't pay a dime for highway construction or maintenance because they avoided gas taxes. Is Musk that lucky?

  6. Did Tesla Disrupt the car industry if it wasn't for all the government subsidies and the EU passing a law saying "No ICE cars will be sold after 2030" Then America following suit with it's own regulations on gas powered cars.

  7. CEOs of companies aren't entrepreneurs. They board members so no, they don't think long term, they think short term profits.

    I do agree that the smart entrepreneur would transition but don't place that mentality on a CEO who went to ivy league to become a head of a board. There's a big diff.

  8. Didn't Amazon not make a profit for years as they were growing to the massive size they are? Imagine your small business telling your lender year after year after year that they keep lending you money even though you're not making a profit.

  9. Never thought a year ago that George would fall so low to outright lie to everyone. Because if it is not lie, then what it is? He definitely studies the subjects he is discussing and clearly knows that EU and US imposed ZERO sanctions on Russia energy even by now, it only imposed some clownish personal sanctions on individual Russians. Putin got tired of waiting while EU and US chew their own snots and just cut the gas himself – he needs things to happen quick, he can't wait for those bureaucrats. So who and what could lift somewhere when nothing was imposed in the first place??????? Sanctions on Russia my ass

  10. If you are not in the financial market space right now, you are making a huge mistake. I understand that it could be due to ignorance, but if you want to make your money work for you…prevent inflation

  11. Si pudieras decir lo mismo en un tono neutral y respetuosamente más personas estarían dispuestas a escucharte, pero es tu decisión. Tu manera de hablar me parece bastante desagradable.

  12. Clearly whoever wrote the article has (a) never deployed widgets in the real world; and (b) doesn't know Silicon Valley isn't 'reality'. Most SV startups fail, and cherry-picking from the survivors is as much a survey of the lucky as it is the skilled and the talented, and even today a lot of SV 'survivors' only exist because of cheap money / gubmint largesse, and have never turned a profit.

  13. The same groups I repeately hear saying 'we dont need china, they dont buy anything anyways, boycott china, china stuff all junk ect.. ' The ignorance and sheer lazyness in those views, put down that tripple whip non dairy machiato and look up the export numbers. own a business that depends on imported supply.

  14. Has Tesla 'disrupted' the car manufacturing industry? Not at all. What has killed petrol /diesel engine cars is the never-ending obsession with 'carbon footprint' of the user with no account whatsoever of the manufacturing footprint itself.

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