Mainstream Media REVERSES And Backs ASSANGE, But Is It Too Little, Too Late?: Brie & Robby

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave weigh in on why five major media outlets are calling on the U.S. government to drop charges against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. #Wikileaks #Assange #espionage

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  1. !FREE ASSANGE! 🇬🇧 Free speech
    Liers(governments and the rest) don't like to be questioned or found out! They will do anything to destroy and crush you to protect their lies and agenda.

  2. Did they make him so sick through the torture that he is almost dead and they are trying to release him few days before he dies? So that he doesn’t die while still imprisoned?

  3. Dear person that's reading this, seriously we don't each other but I wish you a long life full of Happiness!✨ Past is gone, blaming won't bring anything, so accept things and keep moving forward. You're precious gem if you value yourself 🥰 Your smile is precious, and all the keys🔑 of a Happy Life is in your hands 🔓

    I believe in you, love from a small YouTuber 🖤.

  4. Bri: “The left wants to protect the interests of Women”

    Bri that was 4 years ago, Transgender narratives have destroyed any progress in rights we made with women. You can blame that solely on the left

  5. Interesting that this coincides with Australian PM Anthony Albanese suddenly urging the US to drop the case against Assange. This comes after 10 years of total Oz government indifference to his plight. Can't be a coincidence. Something's afoot.

  6. Ha Ha damage is done now that it dosent matter and they want to use his information to go after their political enemies in yhe next election they want to give him a pass. The gamesmanship continues.

  7. Since when did the mainstream media support free speech? They're ok with what twitter has been doing against conservatives, censoring stories about Hunter Biden, donating almost solely to democratic/left wing causes and interfering politically. They're ok with arbitrary hate speech laws which coincidentally affects one side. They only care about Assange because they know that their journalistic colleagues may be affected in the way he's been at some point.

  8. Australia's prime Minister has just been asked why Julian Assange has been held in maximum security prison and this is the first time in years that an Australian has shown any concerns for Julian Assange. The entire media has deliberately been silent and this is because fascists really do control the world media and Australia is nothing but a Vassel of the United states of America. It just shows how cowardly and controlling the American Nazis really are. They certainly are the mafia, the global criminals. To be an Australian citizen and be innocent of any crime and be held in maximum security prison without conviction, just shows that the British monarchy, the world leaders and the American people are deluded to believe that we live in a democracy. Julian Assange will forever be a stain on the Murdoch Empire and America. Every president from Obama, Trump, Biden administration and the British monarchy, All have coward and failed democracy by ignoring the fact that none of these parasites would even dare demand the immediate release of a journalist and publisher. They certainly deserve execution and imprisonment for how they have failed every single citizen whom they are paid fortunes to serve and protect. Be May this be the beginning of their collective dismantling. Yet they all call the Chinese and Russian Federation dictators. Can you tell difference? What stench of hypocrisy and betrayal blows in the wind's. They certainly deserve to be dragged before the courts and sentenced to death for their inactions and treasonous deeds. Off with their heads.

  9. Living in America is becoming more and more like being in a Black Mirror episode.
    Truth is misinformation and misinformation is truth. When everyone has to live a lie its totalitarian .
    Citizenry that has no self awareness cultivated by fake news media is dangerous.

  10. It's incredible how many US Americans don't want to know when their own government commits crimes. I used to think these corrupt politicians don't represent the American people, but they actually represent us quite well, don't they? If we want better politicians, we have to become better people ourselves.

  11. what a load of bs only reason they are doing this is so they can say c we support freedom of press while they are a puppet of the cia and other intelligence agencies dont buy this. and no not better late than ever how are you letting them off the hook what happened 2 you guys completely understand why Kim left

  12. These idiots that call themselves journalists are a joke..they think democracy can is a "truth bubble. " everybody should know everything the govt. does..does that include the C.I.A.?

  13. Assange was cleared of Me-Too accusations. Whether he was or not, people are not all good or all bad: Good people do bad things, for which they should be forgiven, and bad people do good things, for which they should be praised.

  14. Hunter Biden laptop coverup using julian assange. The details on Hunter Biden laptop was covered up by the media making today media outlets has incompetent journalism to inform the people and hold governments accountable.
    Jus like9/11 misinformation on what really happen to the trade tower and missing trillions dollars cover up..

  15. Those of us in other countries are disgusted and tired of US arrogance and brutality overseas. If you wish to abuse your own citizens — and you do! — fine. But hands off the rest of us, please. The audacity of the Assange situation is representative of so much more …

  16. This is good news though I wonder why now? This has been going on for years! And the coordinated fashion is VeRY interesting.

    And that’s funny Bri – that the left cares about women, which is why they focus on me too. There were very credible charges against Biden with several people confirming the victim told them about it at the time and totally swept under the rug. Right after going nuts over Kavannagh with a woman who alleged something from high school with no one confirming she ever told them about it. Also no one seems to care about Ashley Biden when her journal talks about her inappropriate showers with her dad. The left cares about women when it suits their political purposes. Otherwise not so much.

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