Mainstream Media Rings Of Power Reviews Are A JOKE | Amazon Wants To STOP Lord Of The Rings Backlash

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  1. I'm surprised they arent following the meme "we gotta have money" or spongebobs mr krabs motto of "money" is why he does work. Doing stuff for the message makes the old cliche of evil businessman stereotype running a company who only cares about money look like a saint cause at least that guy would do things by the numbers then for diversity and make a mediocre film, not an awful one.

  2. This guy (and all the other YouTubers like him) need to man up and find a real job that isn't just minority-bashing and race-baiting. Why can't he just admit that maybe, just maybe, people actually LIKED the series (shocker, I know 😱)? There's always a chance it could be bad for sure, but the difference between me and Kinel is that if it's bad, or even if I don't like it when a lot of other people do, I can give legitimate reasons as to why I don't like it other than "woke" or "black elf exists". It's political narrative and agenda at its best, and to think this guy could find a job that actually betters society but would rather profit off anger and rage is quite frankly disgusting. Ik I'll get hate for this but do your worst bc unlike you all I'm man enough to take it!

  3. Boycott amazon, so they learn to stop ruining good movies with Racist agenda. As a person of Colour i dont want to see my Face in such a Racist serie

  4. İt's not from a Tolkien story, we knew that for a long time before release. So, in order for it to have the right to claim any connection to Tolkien it has to stay true to the lore, with a few exceptions for cinematic or artistic licence. Unfortunately it appears that the producers have made such exceptions the norm. The Galadriel character alone has put me off the whole thing.

  5. So, I was able to watch the first two episodes with a buddy
    of mine who had screeners and..
    While the first initial reactions ARE correct in the aspect of
    it being absolutely visually stunning (I've never seen
    anything quite like this attention to detail before) the
    writing is absolutely abysmal. It's even more "woke" than
    what we were led to believe. There is a HEAVY emphasis on
    Galadriel "not needing no man" and "I can do whatever I
    want when I want because I'm a woman" type of thing.
    Usually I can give this type of thing a pass but when it's
    constant it really is immersion breaking. Also, don't even
    get me started on the dwarves, the aesthetic is cool.. but
    holy moly, the amount of virtue signaling with Disa is
    terrible. As well as a subplot involving two "homosexual"
    dwarf characters which is made for laughs but is executed
    terribly. The southland and harfoot plots are lazy and
    contrived. All in all, I'Il watch the rest of the season once it
    drops (probably won't tune in every week) but as far as
    staying true to Tolkien and the source material… you may
    as well just stick to PJ's films or just read the books. This is
    a show made for the general audience member who just
    wants to be entertained and wants to feel "included"

  6. Obviously when discussing the first two episodes you’ll talk about how stunning it looks in terms of budget, they can’t exactly review the story/plot when there’s atleast 48 hours left, and it’s not out yet?
    The first episodes are usually just a setup, Iv been sceptical but I think most people just enjoy hating now which is sad tbh, because I am looking forward to it now.

  7. The one thing I can't help but notice is that they don't seem to actually DESCRIBE what happens in either episode. They just keep saying "It's goody good-good." They don't even talk about what any of the characters are like. It's all just vague and BLAND. It all just REEKS of bullshit.

  8. Dear all the media reviewers: but what is it actually about?! What is actually in those two episodes?! What is the story?! Where is the substance?!

  9. In My country (Argentina) this is called "Synchronize Independent Swimming" when a bunch of "Independent" reporters and media channels said the same thing of what their owners think, but they do it…in-dependently.
    This is an irony, because the workers in the mass media monopoly in My country will never do the opposite to their owners to the risk of get fired or worse, and happen, ended up dead.

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