Major Brexit milestone achieved – no Brexit extension possible! (4k)

Last night a major Brexit milestone was reached, that of making a Brexit Implementation Period extension impossible.

Social media was alight last night with Remainers shedding yet more salty tears as yet another major Brexit milestone was passed – but nowadays these milestones pass easily and without the drama of Remainer politicians conspiring and lawyers suing.

At 11 pm last night the clause allowing both sides to agree to a Brexit Implementation Period extension via the Joint Committee became time barred.

Under UK law and international law the UK and EU cannot now agree to extend the Brexit negotiations.

Therefore, 11pm on the 31st of December 2020 is set in stone as our true freedom day.




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. Jeff has let the mask slip here and revealed himself as a fifth columnist for Remain, that, or he has demonstrated a grave misunderstanding of the situation.

  2. I have lived and worked in the EU all my life and have never felt a second of the oppression that Brexiters suffer from so much. I wonder what I am missing… Is Fintan O'Toole right? Is the "oppression" in some people's psyche rather than in any real circumstances of their daily lives? Well, I don't think I'll subscribe.

  3. Watch out for the dirty tricks brigade looking to scupper our Brexit boat before we can get out of the EU “harbour”. !!!

  4. What is a 'post brexit-talks trade deal'? You're either remarkably stupid, or you know that there won't be a trade deal, that is, unless you bend over and cave in to the EU's demands. In case you haven't noticed yet. They are 27 countries and Britain is a pissy little rock in the sea that's going to lose Scotland and Northern Ireland within the decade. What cards do you think Britain holds? Spoiler alert: none.

  5. Wait wait wait… Jeff, what is this talk about a "Post Brexit Trade deal?!" … WTO or no go!

    Or are you secretly a Remainer Jeff? You aren't going to pull a BoJo are you?

  6. Boris has a big majority in Parliament he could rewrite the WA at the stroke of a pen. It would take half an hour to phone the EU get an agreement and print the new version. A day to pass it through parliament. An extension will not be "impossible" or even difficult until the Withdrawal Agreement has *actually run out*.

  7. With the dark CABAL like their main member of 7 parts, the Bilderbergers slowly and quietly dismantling Democracy in favor of a worldwide Orwellian federalism, either under communistic or fascist rule – they care not which since totalitarian control is their aim, I'm amazed we've reached this far. Therefore, we the people must assume this enemy of people's freedom can still strike.

  8. Once again a very good overall view you pointing out the facts I like about this man if there's no lies no narrative is perfect and that is refreshing when you listen to mainstream Media all you get is the narrative and the lies but instead did you get the facts with this man

  9. I 'm glad the UK has balls. I hope they stop the CCP from building infrastructure in their country. Do they want the Devil to move into their space? You see they are not playing in the same game. When Xi says "win, win," he means the CCP will win and you will lose. They're the best gang in the world. A gang with almost unlimited resources. I'm American. MAGA

  10. Fantastic news that there will be no more delays. WTO, here we come! The EU must be crying in there milk this morning!! It won't stop the EU trying to impose their will on us, but it won't work. WE'RE FREE at last, well almost. Hooray