MAJOR Science Journal Shares NEW Evidence Of Lab Leak, Jeffrey Sachs Calls For INDEPENDENT Probe

Emily Jashinsky and Ryan Grim discuss the Lab Leak hypothesis surrounding COVID-19, and Jeffrey Sachs’ call for an independent investigation into the possible lab origin of the virus.

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  1. Forget all the male bovine fecal matter. This was something man made & it was intentionally released.
    Fauci, Gates, the pharmas & lots of people knew about this way before it was released.
    Watch & listen carefully to all of Bill Gates videos, he tells on himself. His ego, money & being a eugenicist makes him think he's superior & knows what's best for everyone. He wants to reduce the world's population.
    All the evil murderers involved in this should to be arrested by any means necessary.

  2. I conversed with Dr. Meng-Li Xi a viralogist in Wuhan, China before Covid19 came to the United States, Dr. Meng-Li Xi was distraught and erratic, she talked about hating the Chinese people and about how China was overpopulated. I was so concerned about this conversation that I reported it to the White House. I wouldn't be surprised that the origins of Covid19 will lead to Dr. Meng-Li Xi.

  3. What does it matter? Government funded Covid, than covered it up. Fauci and company are a bunch of lying psychopaths. They got away with it and no one is doing anything to hold them accountable. Just like all the other corrupt goings on in government. And IT WILL happen again. Covid was amazingly successful from the governments perspective.

  4. "possible leak"? Yeah ok, it's 100% a lab leak. There were NO bats sold in the Wuhan Wet Market. The lab was sending researchers to Hainan province to get samples from bats. That's according to Chinese Propaganda video I've seen. China bragging that they've developed more viruses in the last 30 years then ALL other countries on the planet!

  5. As soon as it happens again they’ll insist we listen to them again. Is it smart to take a virus from a cave somewhere and bring it into the city. Don’t listen to me I don’t have a lab coat 😐

  6. China’s Covid Zero Approach from day one is proof it came from lab. They knew how bad this virus was in lab setting and they directed their government on Covid Eradication.
    Notice china never sought SARS Zero !!!!! Because SARS was naturally occurring and Covid was a known jazzed up enemy.
    China unrelenting Covid Zero shows culpability

  7. It could have been a lab leak but the question how it happened and were is the other question. I’m starting to wonder if another Country framed China for the leak to distract the actual one who started the BioWarfare.

  8. Just the placement of these Labs shows me they're incompetent and irresponsible. That alone means they have no business doing what thier doing. May the Lord strike those Labs down into the fiery pit. End the misery and pain they inflict.

  9. So Jeffrey Sachs waits 2 + years and he is the hero? Dozens of experts have been researching and exposing this for 2 years against all the media, tech and government censorship. Where were you guys amplifying there sirens?

  10. amazing that our so called leaders fire people for not wanting to take a untested vaccine…intimidate harass and belittle our citizens in the process …BUT how many calls have been made for the review of world wide laboratory standards concerning labs with bio hazards ….they have been silenced….follow the bread crumbs….SOS AMERICA

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