Major Sports Get Woke Go Broke As Players EXTRACT Value Pushing BLM While KILLING The Sports

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  1. I'd be completely fine with pro sports going away. I don't care for professional sports(though I do enjoy the Olympics). My cable bill is sky high because of professional sports being on television. One season after the next, a never ending cycle of games I have no desire to watch taking up airtime on television. At least the Olympics only last a few weeks and they only happen every 2 years(Winter and Summer games alternating).

  2. This man if you can call him that is actually a little weirdo, puts on fake accents too wtf, he is a strange person an obvious wacist, but theres something we dont know can see it on him, date grapey vibes

  3. I wish they would stop craming this down my throat when I was 17 I went to a 90percent black school got beat up my first night out of 11 white people I was the only one to stay I got over it it works both ways get over it

  4. BS. Nike must lose as much business as it might get with a move like this. Woke people don’t spend money (or even work) so it’s an unsafe business move that will only keep him afloat for a couple years at most. It’s certainly not going to keep. Get woke go broke when it comes to things like sports since leagues are far from broke. They’re going woke to keep saavy, not make money since they already have it

  5. They dont care, they're taking that chinese money. These same people smiled while their own cities burned and destroyed their relatives lives. They dont give two shits about America, or their own kin. They are robots trained to say what their Zionist handlers tell them to… Thata it point blank. And all these leftist journos just want to f123 them and destroy their families and they are happy with it….

  6. Colin was half white until he realized he Wasent a good QB then he ignored his white half to profit off of his black side…. And he was a at best a D+ QB for his carrer. Colin crapernick is the poster child of go broke get woke

  7. Colin Kapernicks is the single biggest disgrace in professional sports. For all I know, he shot off the lights on the super bowl to even have a chance. So glad Ray Lewis got his 2nd super against this trash 2nd stringer.

    P.S. Kapernicks is white.

  8. I'm now convinced Tim is intentionally pronouncing Kaepernick's name wrong. He said Capernick about 4 times in a single sentence. There's no way Tim doesn't know the correct pronunciation of his name. Good on you Timbo

  9. Kaepernick the friendly activist is a lazy but whos discovered the profitability of white guilt.

    Well he's in for a rude awakening, not even a majority of white people actually feel guilty but enough are too busy working to fund government handouts to worry about political activism but let the identity politics left keep pushing it and they will wake the sleeping giant

  10. Wow Tim, Your argument against UBI is entirely authoritarian. "The people can't be trusted with money because they might give it to people I don't like". Stunning level of commentary.