Major Win for Patriots: Trump Bans Critical Race Theory

This is what we’ve been asking for since 2016, and Trump just did it. Absolutely excellent. #CriticalRaceTheory #CRT #Trump

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  1. Ok, we have gone over this before. this is not communism. This has no relation to the emancipation of the laboring class and is in fact entirely counter productive to that. you look like and idiot sargon.

  2. The only problem I have with this is that it took him 4 years to do this. It should've been one of the first things he did, because critical theory is the foundation of everything that is wrong in the West today.

  3. Imagine thinking Trump is patriotic LOL… A zionist shill for Israel that hasn't made good on a single promise…

    classical liberals are nauseating.

  4. Off topic, however, a great tip for popular YouTube creators. If you have a video taken down:
    1 Contact YouTube
    2 Contact YouTube via Twitter
    3 Make whiney video, playing the victim role, subsequently boring the shit out your regular viewers for oooooooo. At least 15 minutes long.
    4 Repeat 3 times

    This technique will be known as…………………

    Project Thunderfoot. ?

  5. Egalitarian logic: "I don't want to be perceived as an unthinking animal because I wish to have liberty and self-determine, so I will act with civility."
    Communist logic: "I don't want to be perceived as an unthinking animal because I wish to have power over every aspect of everyone's lives, so I will act like a hysterical chimpanzee with a shopping cart of Molotov cocktails, and shit where I eat."

  6. Please take some exerts from this textbook that show CRT is explicitly racist and make them into 3 minute videos – people need to see this!
    The trouble is they literally can't imagine that someone actually believes that treating people in a colourblind fashion IS considered racist by CRT loons.

  7. If critical race theory really worked, Israhell would have adopted it and accused any other countries who followed this diabolical ideology of appropriating Yuden culture. Freedom is a dish that’s best served Yuden free.

  8. Hi Carl, it would be nice if you are reading passages from a textbook to put the words on the screen and highlight them. It makes following the literature much easier. Thanks mate, keep it up!

  9. You can take almost any label the Marxists come up with, completely reverse their meaning, and be close to being correct by definition. 'Critical' Race theory does not critically evaluate anything whatsoever. It's all absolute racist nonsense. They can get fked.

  10. Check out Edward Griffin videos on socialism. Old b/w videos where he discusses the plan for communists to use race to divide America. Video at the end of this is actually Griffin years later interviewing Yuri B. lots of great videos of them on YT & bitchute!

    The warnings they gave for decades are here. It’s terrifying how accurate they were. Now we have to learn how it happened & stop it!

  11. @TeamTrump · 9h
    President @realDonaldTrump: If Joe Biden wins then the rioters, anarchists and flag burners also win
    I wish Trump were president NOW so he could do something about it!

    I hope you dumb Sargon fans get the point, TRUMP does absolutely nothing…He has failed his voter base, i dont even know why Sargon is pretending as the left is losing and TRUMP is doing stuff he does not anything about the BIG problems.

    And i hate how Sargon is now acting as if he predicted the COMMUNIST take over….. GUYS, this shit was predicted back in the 80s and 90s by REAL RIGHT WINGER …. they warned you back then and you ( older people ) and your parents were calling them RACIST for it.

    Real right wingers who saw the shit coming and tried to warn us all, and you and your parents treated them the same way how the left does now to normal people…. calling them nazis etc..

  12. SJWs seem to have a VERY hard time separating racism from "culturalism". Thinking that your own CULTURE is superior than others is fine and anyone is free to follow your culture if they so choose or move to live in a different culture if they don't, and many people do just that. People don't have control over their race, which is why it's bad to judge them on it, but they have all kinds of control over what culture they live in and support (and even immigrate to). Judging people on how they behave is not a bad thing.

  13. I really appreciated this insight into critical race theory, even if it made the video a bit long. It was totally worth knowing what SJWs think from their own writings.