Majority of Australians Regret Getting COVID-19 Vaccinations | Australian News Poll Suggests

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Australians are making their feelings known in a large survey involving tens of thousands of people. Recently, News Corp in Australia featured Nationals Senate Leader Bridget McKenzie who shared the unfortunate, but not surprising news, that Australians will be “living with the consequences” of the COVID-19 pandemic lock-downs “for a very, very long time.” Australia’s government took a cue from China’s zero-tolerance COVID-19 policy approach, enforcing heretofore not seen rigid pandemic measures for what is usually considered an open, free Western democracy.

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  1. Most of us had been forced, yes I could have lost my job but that would have led to the loss of home, unfortunately most Australians loved following these evil demands because of fear indoctrination and willingly began dobbing in anyone that breached this sick rules, cannot wait for the court cases to begin.

  2. Waiting for the lawsuits to start against the politicians and MSM complicit in propagating the lie that the shots would prevent infection and transmission when there was absolutely no data supporting that lie then and even less data now .

  3. This is a disgrace .. I’m Australian and un vaccinated . I got refused entry into cafe’s and shops for three months .
    Australians were told to vaccinate or they lose their jobs & get locked out of clubs, pubs,cafes etc. Interesting politicians in Canberra did not have to vaccinate , they did not lose their jobs.
    People like me , who did not want to have the vaccine due to people in my family having bad reactions , were treated badly and discriminated against by others who were vaccinated .
    I was called names like un-Australian and selfish and even deleted on Facebook by close friends.
    The discrimination was terrible , like nothing I’ve ever seen before .
    My mother is still struggling after having the two vaccines and she has dropped to the floor three times and been in to hospital 5 times in the last 12 months . Doctors are unable to explain , they cannot say too much or they lose their jobs but it’s interesting to talk to all the other patients in hospital who all have the same mysterious symptoms .
    The media , were also playing a role in all this .. they went with the narrative that the Government wanted them to go along with . Any decent journalist that questioned anything wasn’t given air time or called a conspiracy theorist like the rest of us .
    Social Media took down anyone that didn’t agree or asked questions . We were deleted and blocked if we put up anything that wasn’t what they wanted.
    Now we have what economists predicted a terrible shortage due to food chain being disrupted because of all the lockdowns we had .
    All this for a virus we all got anyway , so deadly that some didn’t know they had it .
    Thanks for allowing me to vent on here ❤

  4. As time goes by we, the public are questioning basic happenings of what transpired after each happening!!!!! It is obvious that the world health UN had a definite hurried script that all governments were to adhered to. Peter and Paul had no idea of the next order to obey, and very ‘odd’ people were prime importance to direct the dumb founded public. How come these numerous vaccines were so available, when this virus came from a wet market????? There will never ever be an inquiry, unless Putin can fit it in his all consuming put down, of our proxy war that is to remain, as a diversion of the OWG’s loss of power, over all their obedient subservient governments.

  5. My GP asked why I refused the shot so I cited all the medical reports that were starting to trickle out about the vax. He did not know anything about the reports. I am 70+ and remained unvaxxed.

  6. They should regret the lack of a b&r&a&i&n, but you'd need 1 to figure this regret out.❌Little tyrants loved to discriminate the minority due to their perceived righteousness.

  7. I got 2 of them and am disgusted with myself. Feel so stupid but I had to pay bills. That simple. Been to hospital for my heart a number of times now. I cannot stand i have done this to myself.

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