Majority of COVID-19 Deaths Among Australia NSW Residents are Triple & Quadruple Vaccinated

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Despite 95%+ full vaccination of adult populations in Australia, TrialSite has continued to report on surges in new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. It is a disturbing situation that the mainstream press either completely ignores or summarily embraces as a context to promote further vaccination as the only answer. But is this an evidence-based approach to the problem? TrialSite reported that in the first 14 weeks of 2022, Australian fatalities due to COVID-19 were double that of 2020 and 2021 combined, despite near universal vaccination. By January 2022, TrialSite updated the global audience that in Australian states including New South Wales or “NSW,” the new increasingly Omicron-based cases were surging. TrialSite reviewed the latest data. Now, with a surge in B.4 and B.5 Omicron subvariants which more evade vaccine induced antibodies, a disturbing number of deaths are reported daily. What’s the level of protection the vaccines are affording to the population of NSW now that these subvariants circulate through this southeastern part of Australia?

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  1. I LOVE NSW stance on this wrt age and comorbidities. I'm still shielding now for 2 yrs and 4 months to protect my Mum. While the National Health Service insist random dead heads (aka Carers) enter the home to shirk responsibility and provide sub-shit service – all the time threatening to bring C19 in and kill my Mum. Turn the tables and what would happen? "Sure come in but you know you might not live longer than the next 3 weeks!". "CALL THE POLICE!!!!!!"

  2. We need to sue each president/prime minister etc personally for the great damage they have caused and are still causing so they have to pay from their own billions. We also should sue all governments collectively for all the damage they caused and are still causing. These suits to be brought by all the people together as in class action. I can't see why this has not yet happened.

  3. Cases increased in 2022 because Australia opened up. Restrictions ceased and borders between states opened. Vaccine take up for first vaccine was high, however further vaccine take up hasn’t been.

  4. Here in the US, More people are dying from non-cv deaths than pre-cv.
    The life insurance companies have reported a 40% uptick in claims among the 18-65 age range compared to 2019. They specifically pointed out that they are not cv related.

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