Majority OF US MISTRUSTS Biden On COVID In New Polls

Krystal and Saagar review the newest polling data on Biden showing that the majority of America mistrusts him on covid which could spell disaster in the near future

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  1. Biden will be seen as the modern James Buchanan, a do-nothing leader who presides over the dissolution of the union. All the while saying the system works as we all see the system clearly not working.

  2. "A lot of people didn’t vote for Biden, they voted against Trump." — Yeah, I voted for salad, but I bought and ate the bacon wrapped deep fried chicken. Actions matter more than words. You should have voted Bernie, since Joe was OBVIOUSLY never going to give progressives anything.

  3. I recently, in the last few years started following politics closely and it became obvious the media hated Trump so much that I sought out alternative news sources. This is how I found you guys, and many others. This is why I don’t trust the CDC, the WHO, the FDA, almost all members of our government. Let’s face it they don’t do anything for US. It’s time for them to go! I have faith there are a majority of good moral people that want all this nonsense to stop. We must take control.

  4. You two missed out on a good story about Biden being a sellout. He held and EV (Electric Car) convention at the White House and never invited Tesla nor even mentioned Tesla Name. He only invites GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota????? He is bought and paid for by Union money.

  5. Meh none of this "Approve/Disapprove" matters because we no longer have a functioning republic.
    They're taking power and they aren't giving it back, I give it 10-15 years and we're all going to be 1940s Germany 2.0.

    There will be no free speech, everyone will be arrested for being domestic terrorists. Any activist group left or right that criticizes the Government will be destroyed.

    We are in the beginning of the end.

  6. He lied about $15/hr. He lied about lowering medicare enrollment age. He lied about the $2K checks. Dude has been a documented liar for decades and all these Karen, PUMAS are still going to defend him to their de@ths because orange man bad. They do not care if there is another Obama-level midterm catastrophe in 2022 because they're still doing fine.

  7. Mandating anything is going to energize people…and in this case, he has sealed his own fate. His continuing decline, physically, mentally, and in the polls does not inspire hope.

  8. No Krystal. Only idiots lying to themselves thought for one minute that Biden was trustworthy. Biden has an entire political history of lying, plagerisms, writing, passing, and endorsing legislation favoring banks and corporations over middle and lower classes. Racist remarks and results from prior mentioned legislation. So no Krystal. Biden was catapulted to nomination by the owners, then voted over Trump by an idiot audience to the media circus over the past 4 years. Trump may not have been your ideal president, perhaps should have never been elected to office. But he was nowhere near the demon he's been portrayed as. You and the other rubes are just trying to walk back your "not Trump" stance ya blindly took in last years election.

  9. I know sleepy is hiding. When you dont want to face tough issues you hide because you don't the gifts to solve the the ongoing fires. We elected the wrong old man who should be in a rocking chair.

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