“Make Taiwan The Next Ukraine” Says War Machine

If you thought the was in Ukraine was potentially earth-shattering, you’re going to be in for an even bigger surprise to learn that US officials are already putting plans in motion for Taiwan to be the next domino to fall, encouraging the unofficial US ally to purchase billions more in weaponry from American defense contractors and turn every citizen into an armed citizen-soldier in preparation for an invasion by China.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the ramping up propaganda campaign for a China-Taiwan war and the Taiwanese people’s reluctance to go along.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. So now is USA going to fund Taiwan and give them $40 Billion dollars to arm themselves against China? USA seems to want to put their nose in everybody's business but except help their own country and fix their damaged economy. I think we are going to see what happened in Hong Kong happen again with Taiwan.

  2. We could staff a 5 man Swat unit for every school in America, paying each member $80,000 a year, and still have money left over with the $40,000,000,000 we just paid one of the most corrupt governments on the planet.

  3. As densely populated as Taiwan is, it would be much worse than in Ukraine. Information from friends who are directly knowledgeable, is that they think eighty-ish percent of Taiwanese they know want it just like it is now, as does China. We just need to stop instigating.

  4. For all of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissingers faults, they new how to keep our adversaries apart. Nixon's Detente policy and opening relations with China created "Triangulation" so adversaries would never gang up on us. Biden is doing the exact opposite. Russia and China, and soon India are going to destroy us by rejecting the petro dollar.

  5. Well. whatever happens in the near and distant future with all that is going on, make sure Jesus is your savior. Trust with confidence and understanding that Jesus removed ALL of yours sins when He died and rose. Simple! If you need some teaching on the matter, the you tube channel….faith cometh by hearing….has a teaching series titled, 'change of mind' which is more than able to you you understand the whole matter.

  6. This establishment Goverment just looks for reasons to spend money and take pork cuts off the top. Only a handful of America First Republicans and Rand Paul contested the spending.

  7. Where's my F16 fighter jet & howitzer?! Why are we paying to arm other countries & not getting a piece of the action? All Americans receive is the debt & hyperinflation! Every man, woman & child should be out physically removing these psychopaths from office!

  8. Since US made Russia a enemy again for pointless reasons and a bunch of lies, Russia and China have become on friendly terms. Say bye bye to independent Taiwan and nothing US can do about it. However, for the nursery-home The white house, loosing is winning 🙂

  9. As a non-American… I just want want to find how how you guys deal with the level of double-think required for… condemning white supremacy and standing with BLM in America while simultaneously arming, training and supporting actual Nazis in Ukraine? How the fcuk does that work?

  10. 10:16 Why do I feel like these Department of Defense/arms manufacturer faces are tresting these jr. Countries like Mid level marketing. "First you buy these bolt action rifles and get 10 of your neighbor Countries to buy as well and you'll get access to level 2 arms"

  11. The Military Industrial Complex and These Corrupt Politicians are Destroying us. The so-called liberals and Conservatives better stand together on some of these issues because we're not going to have a country left. This can't keep going with all this conflict and America is in the middle of it.

  12. The whole Ukraine thing was a test….Taiwan is next n they're not part of China Jimmy they have their own government their own military….and aren't commies. So how are they part of China? No offence but I asked this yesterday n ur mods erased my comment? Sup wit that?

  13. The government of Taiwan Province (officially known as the "Republic of China" by the way) has been a puppet of the US after WWII until today, especially the current ruling party (DDP), they will do anything their American boss instructs.

    Under the guidance of the U.S. military, Taiwan's military intends to fight street battles when mainland China tries to use force to prevent them from separating Taiwan from Chinese territory. For the past two years, Taiwan's military has been practicing to hide soldiers and weapons in residential areas. Yep, they want all civilians to be their human shields.

    Most of the people in Taiwan don't want to restart the unfinished Chinese civil war except for the radical independents who are propped up by the US. The people in Taiwan they don't have a choice because everything in Taiwan is controlled by the US government.

    Anyways, this is China's civil war (unfinished), any attack on either side is not "INVADE" for the other side, that's an incorrect term. Beijing does not want to use force to take back the island of Taiwan, they have done their best to avoid war. But now the US government is trying to force Beijing to use force by promoting Taiwan's independence. That is Beijing's red line. The government of mainland China will never tolerate anyone trying to split China's territory, so they have no choice but to use force.

    If the US insists on picking up this war in East Asia, I think the US will be the biggest loser in the end. America will lose its hegemony even sooner.

  14. Taiwan has already been invaded and occupied by China, literally. The original invasion and occupation was in 1683; until then, the island had been under the control of the indigenous population, excepting only some coastal strips used for port cities by European powers. The Chinese hold on the island was never very strong, didn't involve any major immigration from China proper, and was subject to constant rebellions. In 1895, Japan took control of the island, and had a strong military presence until the end of WWII, but showed little interest in annexing the island. Again, immigration was minimal. While brutal, as always, the Japanese occupation also saw the building of railroads, sanitation systems, formal education, and an end to the practice of head hunting (which, let's face it, is a good thing, even if it ends a culturally and religiously significant tradition; a bit unexpected for the Japanese to be the ones putting an end to neck chopping, though).

    Then true disaster struck for the native peoples of Taiwan: The Republic of China, led by Chiang Kai-shek, took control of the island, in 1945, bringing over millions of soldiers and Chinese civilians during the next four years, as they were retreating from the Chinese Communist Party forces. The native population was savagely treated, and native women were forcibly married to RoC soldiers. It was a triple blow to the native people and culture; the women were taken, resulting in fewer children; the women instead became wives to the invaders, resulting in more children for them; and the huge number of Chinese immigrants outnumbered the natives. Even today, descendants from the forced marriages are barred from registering as Native Taiwanese, due to a >50% policy, and native culture and language are suppressed and near extinction.

    The White Terror was the brutal repression of civilians during martial law, which lasted from 1948 to 1992. While the nominal target was "communists", any challenge to the military was struck down. The native population was seen as a challenge, simply by their existence.

    The best policy toward Taiwan isn't a "One China Policy". It's a "No China Policy". The idea of "reuniting China" presumes that Taiwan, at some previous point, has been a legitimate part of China. It hasn't.

  15. Hi Jimmy! Can you explain to your audience about the Smith-Mundt Act Modernization? This is how Biden, the US government and its agencies are able to bold face lie(propagandize) to the US population and get away with it legally. Don’t think too many know why lies and propaganda increased drastically out of the mouths of our “elected”representatives in recent years —because they legalized it in the US.

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